For your brand to find long-term and lasting success, you need to make sure that your customers remember it. You even want it to stick in the minds of people who have not yet used your business’s services or bought its products. So how can you make your brand stick in their minds?

It’s one of the trickiest things any small business has to get right; it’s especially difficult when you don’t have million to spend on marketing. Here’s how you can get your strategy right.

Create a modern and simple logo

First of all, you’re going to need to create a logo that people can instantly recognise as yours. When you’ve done that, you should make an effort to put it forward and show it to people as often as you can so people come to associate it when your company as quickly as possible. It needs to have a simple and straightforward design that both screams modernity and says something about your brand.

Hone your social media voice

These days, every company is expected to have some kind of presence on social media platforms, and the stronger your presence is, the more memorable your brand will become. You need to use a voice that’s both consistent and appealing to the customers you want to capture. Have some fun with it and offer light-hearted posts and tweets. This always goes down well.

Hand out branded merchandise

If people have a tote bag that they find useful in their everyday lives, and that bag has your brand’s name and logo on it, of course your brand will stay in their minds. This is the logic behind handing out free branded merchandise to customers. They’ll make use of it and it’s a like a form of free advertising for your company. You can get this stuff from places like It’s readily available and it could really help your brand.

Make viral video content

Modern companies use the modern tools that are at their disposal, and yours needs to as well if you want to find real and lasting success for your brand. Viral video content should definitely be near the top of your list of priorities because people latch onto that kind of thing and share it on social media platforms. Before long, your brand will be associated with quality content and your following will grow.

Remain consistent and reliable

Consistency is something that customers value very highly and most companies fail to deliver on that promise. You should make sure your company doesn’t fall into that same trap. People want to use companies that they know they can rely on, whether their experience goes well or badly. Find out more about how you can show people the reliability of your business at

If you make use of these tips, it won’t be long before you’re on the path to success. As soon as your brand its iconography is cemented in the minds of customers, achieving consistent sales will be so much easier.


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