4 helpful tips on shipping products internationally

One of the most important parts of any sales based business is the shipping of their goods. Many of the goods that are shipped by companies are for international customers spread out all over the world. Knowing how to ship these items is an essential part of getting them to your customers in a timely manner, which will make them far more satisfied with your company.

Failing to comprehend what is involved in successfully shipping your items abroad will stifle the growth of your business and narrow your market significantly.

shipping internationally

Working with an experienced company like ParcelABC is a great way to get your products around the world in a cost-effective way. Here are a few tips on how to ship your items and goods internationally.

1. Important standards and regulations

One of the first things that you need to become familiar with are the shipping and freight regulations regarding the items you are shipping. If a package or shipment does not meet the regulations set forth by the government, then it will be delayed until it is fixed and complies with all standards. This means that if your package is deemed unfit to ship, it will not make it to your customer on time, which can cost you a lot of business in the process. Instead of putting yourself and your customers in this type of position, you need to do your homework on the shipping regulations that shipping companies have.

2. Selecting the right shipping service is a must

Among the most important things you will need to focus on when trying to ship your products internationally is choosing the right shipping company to help you out. If you are like most business owners, you have very little knowledge regarding how to get your goods from one country to the next. The professionals at ParcelABC will have no problem offering you the guidance needed to get this process handled easily. With their guidance, you will be able to expand the reach of your company in a cost-effective and stress free way. If you attempt to handle all of the work involved in shipping internationally on your own, it is only a matter of time before some very costly mistakes are made.

3. Get the address right

Another very important thing to remember when trying to ship your products and goods internationally is to get the address exactly right. Different countries have different structures for their addresses and if you fail to get it right your shipment will never get there. Before you take a package out to get it shipped, you need to check and then re check to make sure that the address is completely correct. There are a variety of address confirmation software programs out there that can make verifying an address easy. Rather than having to worry about this on your own, you can allow ParcelABC to confirm the addresses you are shipping to. With this level of help, all you have to worry about is building more product to distribute around the world.

4. Size and weight

When sending a shipment or package, you need to make sure that the size and weight is right. In most cases, the carrier you are using to ship your package will have strict requirements on the materials and the size of the packages they will send. You need to check with the carrier to be sure what you need to do to use them for all of your shipping needs. The more knowledge you have about this process, the less time you will waste on trying to ship a package incorrectly. In most cases you will be able to view your shipping provider’s website to see what their requirements are for shipping with them.

When the time comes to start shipping your products to other parts of the world, the first call you need to make is to the team at ParcelABC.