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What do you consider to be the most redeeming quality in a great entrepreneur? What do they need for success? What, if lacking, can leave them wanting in almost all of their pursuits? We’d suggest that it’s the ability to read the needs of the modern time, and adapting to that. For that reason, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur in the modern day without some form of online presence.

To be without this in the modern landscape is to ignore potentially immeasurable amounts of exposure, limiting yourself to a very surface and restrictive method of going about business.

Entrepreneurs know the benefit of an online presence. If you’re hoping to create anything of value and worth, you should too. We’re here to show you exactly how a successful entrepreneur uses social media. If you’re wise, you might be able to glean some tips here. We hope you do, and that they treat you in a successful and well-measured manner.

Entrepreneurs connect social media

One social media account connects to another. A network of these landing pages can be created these days, effectively channeling five landing pads for your online presence. This is much more than simply having one website. Someone can find your popular tweet on twitter, and then find your Instagram. From there they might find our facebook page, which houses a link to your product line front and centre. This network is not a surface consideration – it matters and it means business. Skilled entrepreneurs also know how to work skilled RSS feed publishings, allowing those less adept with social media (or those who flat out refuse to use it) to follow their online publishings in an updated manner.

If you become popular one one platform, it’s so much easier to become popular on all of the others. It also provides you the chance to continually publish content multiple times, and even in different formats. For example the ‘sharing nature’ of Facebook & Instagram lends itself to videos much more, while small insights, ideas and even humor can promote your brand through small ‘bites of expression’ on Twitter. An entrepreneur is now much more of a personality than in any time in the past, and the best of them know how to work these angles to draw attention to their projects.

If you connect these well, you craft multiple hubs, all with similar interests and offerings but with potentially very different demographic reaches. The entrepreneur of twenty years ago would be outraged in envy at the prospects available to the modern trendsetter.

Entrepreneurs use attractive UI

Packing means everything. When it comes to selling a product, a service or even an idea, the framing is important for the first impression you receive. For this reason, presenting your item of value within a great UI (user interface,) demands a skilled hand. The best entrepreneurs collaborate with the source of great design, building their web presence from scratch. Uniformity is left to those with less creative expression.

Graphic design, logo making and general theming of your brand is important to get right, and so consulting with the experts to translate this in an online capacity matters. This might mean investing in expensive commissions, but a first impression is priceless because it only occurs once. This makes the price worth it.

Entrepreneurs leave nothing out

Developing your own online presence and investing in it means leaving nothing out. This does not mean oversaturating your website with content. It means providing almost every form of utility possible. Crafting a YouTube page, a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat profile, a product line on the website as well as any other online utility you can think of must be your first steps. You can then localize this in one online contact page. The wider you can spread your net, the more fish you are able to catch. For example, let’s say your entrepreneurial project is recording business podcasts.

In order to best gain traction for this, you must place your podcasts available in iTunes and Android pod caching apps. You must also allow a raw file to be hosted on your website, and for the video version to be uploaded to YouTube. Let’s say that you also have a premium podcast show for paying subscribers only. Does that mean you need to keep this content exposure gated behind a paywall on your website? Well, the actual content should be, but advertising it should not. You can still post ten second long YouTube clips, maybe saying ‘this episode is for paying customers only’ with links detailing how to pay for access.

A good entrepreneur leaves nothing out, and continually tries to innovate ways to bring their entire body of work together, connecting each node to another node online. This allows for an organic and easy viewing of the whole offering from the perspective of the audience.

Entrepreneurs welcome an audience

What should your online presence be? Well, that’s up to you. One of the main methods entrepreneurs use to answer this question is to apply their working history to their website. This means that you include the audience with your journey, so you have a group of willing people behind you no matter your endeavour.

For example, if you’re achieved success with a certain type of product, detailing your ideas and working process online can engage new people looking for advice, or to connect with the journey of your success. Of course, certain things you should keep quiet in the interest of privacy and competition, but if you’re hoping for your business to be on the minds of many people connected or coming upon your online platforms, it pays to keep your journey updated and interesting.

This almost guarantees some form of financial backing, feedback, and general positivity regarding all aspects of the business exchange. The connectivity of the internet is not something to be exploited for views in the mind of a great, innovate business owners. It’s a way to connect with clients, and to include them in the shared story of your enterprise.

With these entrepreneurial tips, you’re much more likely to use your online presence in a wise and effective way.