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Closing the funding knowledge gap

The Business Funding Show’s flagship event will help entrepreneurs find ‘all the money under one roof’ to learn about their options and connect with the right funders.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the UK economy, but many struggle to find information on their funding options and connections to the right lenders and investors. Some assume that a bank loan is their only option, unaware of the diverse alternative funding options available, from crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending to business angels and venture capital.

Research by London merchant bank Close Brothers Group reveals the dire consequences of this knowledge gap for entrepreneurs: “A lack of suitable advice and education is resulting in many utilising the wrong financial products for their circumstances and lifecycle stage, as well as being turned down for finance.” All too often, this means going out of business.

In the UK, both investment capital and the rate of new companies being founded are at an all-time high – and yet businesses are increasingly reluctant to seek outside funding due to the perceived difficulty of securing it. For these businesses to truly thrive, funders and entrepreneurs must work together to close the knowledge gap with education, connections and efforts to meet each other’s needs.

But what is being done to make this happen?

The Business Funding Show (BFS), a London-based network of funders, entrepreneurs and business service providers, is tackling the problem. BFS aims to provide entrepreneurs in all sectors with an understanding of what it takes to obtain funding and connects them with the entire spectrum of finance providers.

Its third annual flagship show, the only UK and EU event exclusively focused on business funding, is scheduled for 22nd February 2018 at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, London. The one-day event will feature a conference, an exhibitor showcase, and one-to-one investment clinics.

We are proud to announce that we will be participating in the show.

The event will address all aspects of business funding, bringing entrepreneurs the knowledge, advice and connections necessary for success.

Knowledge on business funding is offered in the form of panels and talks by experts in different types of funding. Confirmed speakers so far include SyndicateRoom co-founder and CEO Goncalo de Vasconcelos, UK Business Angels Association CEO Jenny Tooth and Innovate UK Chief Investment Officer Tim Sawyer CBE and many more.

Attendees will have ample time to connect with funders, service providers and other entrepreneurs by networking with them at their exhibition booths. Others appearing at the event range from venture capital firms such as Calculus Capital and Albion Capital, to angel platforms such as UK Business Angels Association and SyndicateRoom, to service providers such as Granted Consultancy and A City Law Firm.

A selection of these funders and service providers will participate within the one-to-one investment clinics of up to 15 minutes per business. Entrepreneurs will get an ample opportunity to propose and discuss their unique business concepts and circumstances in the light of their funding needs with these industry leading investors.

Further information and early-bird tickets are available at the event website,

For more information or to register your interest as an exhibitor or sponsor, please contact the organisers on +44 (0) 207 841 10 67 or