12 easy and cost-effective ways to divide a studio flat

Living in a studio flat can feel crowded most of the time just because of your working, sleeping, and eating spaces overlapping.

You can, however, fix this problem by dividing multiple living areas of your studio flat and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.

studio flat

If you happen to own the flat, then you could always build a partition wall to make it possible to live well in your studio apartment. However, if that’s not an option for you, here are 12 easy and cost-effective ways to divide a studio flat.

1. Bookshelves

When you set a tall bookshelf perpendicular to a wall to separate living areas, you save a lot of space, and it is quite practical. The bookshelf will beautifully divide your flat and add valuable storage space, which you need. It is more efficient if you go for a tall bookshelf to bring out the illusion of separate rooms, but it necessarily doesn’t have to touch the ceiling. Ensure that the bookshelf you pick colour-coordinates with your room and blends in with other pieces of furniture in your studio flat.

2. Curtains

If you want to keep specific areas separate, then one great option is using curtains. The great thing about curtains is that there are many varying colours and sizes to choose from, giving you the chance to add flair and colour to your studio flat. Curtains also change the lighting thereby creating a different mood for each of your sections. When you want to create a cosy sleeping space in your studio flat, curtains are one of your best options. It is also quite easy to remove and reposition curtains when you have visitors.

3. A drinks cabinet/bar cart

To uniquely create a separate kitchen, you could use a bar cart/drinks cabinet. It brings out elegance and adds valuable storage and counter space. A movable bar cart will only occupy a small amount of space while ensuring you reduce all the clutter in the kitchen. It is also an economical solution, and you could easily buy one from local shops or online. You should, however, go for a simple design for a classier look in your kitchen.

4. Storage cupboards

Placing a couple of storage cupboards side by side will help you create a beautiful division while giving you much-needed closet space. You don’t need a large storage unit, but rather, go for a tall one to create a better illusion of separation. Also, you should ensure you pick a storage cupboard that matches and compliments your current furniture. If you already have a storage cupboard, then consider painting the back or covering it with fabric that will blend with your colours.

5. Modular building blocks

Modular building blocks can be completely personalised to suit your needs. An example would be with Everblocks, you can build almost anything and make your idea for separated rooms a reality. They provide you with oversized plastic blocks to help you create lots of different projects. This is ideal for that personalised approach and it makes dividing your studio flat simple. It’s also cost efficient. It might be useful to look on Everblocks UK for more information and options for you.

You could quickly build a bookcase, wardrobe, or storage closet to separate your studio flat. The advantage of using building blocks is that you can immediately take the structure apart and reassemble another idea should the first be ineffective in your perspective. It is, therefore, very cost effective and practical, especially when you’re living in a rented studio flat.

6. Folding screens

Using folding screens is one of the most straightforward solutions for maximising living space and will cost you very little. With folding screens, you could go for either wood, fabric-covered, or plastic depending on your choice and preference. Each folding screen provides you with the opportunity of easy removal should you want to open up your space and you could easily decorate a screen to match existing décor. Dividing your studio flat with folding screens is very simple and you don’t need any particular expertise.

7. Entertainment centre

One of the easiest ways to splitting your studio flat is placing an entertainment centre between the living room area and bedroom. You will get the storage space for your movies, peripherals, and television. It requires very little effort to build an entertainment centre and it will not cost you a lot of money. Another great idea is adding a projector screen to the foot of your bed. The sheer panels when using a projector screen will keep your bedroom space open by allowing light to pass through.

8. Hang pendant lamps

To create further divisions, invest in hanging pendants, which will also ensure your flat is well-lit. With hanging pendant lamps, you get to save floor space and when properly colour-coordinated, they bring out much-needed flair in your flat. You don’t need a professional and you can quickly do it yourself thereby saving you a lot of money. Hang three or four strands of light to separate your bed or couch from your dining area and kitchen. The beauty with hanging pendant lamps is the subtle and understated barrier they provide, which makes your flat very elegant.

9. Create a floating wardrobe

A floating wardrobe can easily separate your living room space from your bed. You will also get more practical space for storage, especially if your flat does not have an inbuilt wardrobe. Clothes are sometimes hard to manage and end up forming clutter everywhere in your flat. Creating a floating wardrobe is a simple project that you can do yourself at home, without requiring any substantial amount of money.

10. A statement rug

A statement rug is one of the best ways create the illusion of separate areas without compromising any space. Look for a carpet that will stand out with a unique pattern to outline your living area from your bed. With the right rug, you will feel like your living room is very distinct from your kitchen and bed. Mats are efficient, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to find one that works for you.

11. Place your couch at the foot of your bed

Placing your couch at the foot of your bed is a straightforward trick that separates your living areas beautifully and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Whenever you’re seated on the couch, your back will be facing your sleeping area, making the psychological division very clear even without added barriers. Moving your couch will only take you a few minutes and you could do it yourself or with the help of a friend.

12. Double-duty headboard

A subtle way of dividing your studio flat is by the use of a statement piece headboards. The advantages of using a double duty headboard are that you won’t need any light-blocking partitions and it creates a cosier environment for your bedroom space. Getting a statement piece headboard won’t cost you a lot of money and you can design it to complement your furniture.


All these tips will allow you to subdivide your studio space and truly make it your own. But whatever you do, be sure to get rid of all the clutter before you decide to divide your studio flat. However original your designs and floor plans may be, it won’t make a huge difference if you have coats and books lying everywhere. Prepping may take some extra time, but in the end, you’ll be much more satisfied with the end result.