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Videoslots strengthens its senior management team

Videoslots have announced that they have strengthened their senior management team, allowing the company to plan the next steps in its online expansion.

As a leading name in online gaming, Videoslots knows that customers need to trust their senior team as they look to capitalise on new opportunities in the fast-growing online gambling sector.

videoslotsThe company have appointed Ali Atam to the post of Chief Marketing Officer, and Daniel Hansen to the post of Chief Product Officer. Both Atam and Hansen are experienced figures in the e-gaming world and bring a wealth of experience to their new roles. They are also long-term members of the Videoslots team. The firm chose to promote internally rather than hunting in the worldwide market because they were confident in the strength of their existing staff, and their deep knowledge of their customers and services.

What the new management team bring to the table

Ali Atam has moved up from being Head of Acquisition, a post that he took up in early 2016. In his previous role, Atam spearheaded VideoSlots’ successful media buying strategy and skillfully managed relationships with their many affiliates, helping to nurture strong relationships with corporate partners while delivering high-quality games for the site’s users.

Hansen is also upwardly mobile. In his case, the move is from being Head of Games – a crucial part of the Videoslots organisation. In that post, Daniel helped to expand the range of slots available to Videoslots customers, working closely with the web’s leading casino games providers such as Thunderkick, Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech, and Multislot. Thanks to his efforts, the site can now offer over 2,000 games for users to enjoy – one of the widest selections of its kind anywhere on the web.

Both Atam and Hansen have a great understanding of what makes Videoslots unique. They have played key roles in pioneering its mixture of high-quality games, slick technology and social gaming, helping to create the vibrant online casino that customers currently enjoy. And they have also been instrumental in Videoslots revolutionary “disruptive” approach to the industry – offering new ways to play familiar games on every project they have tackled.

Taking the Videoslots experience to a new level

The major aim the new appointments is to take this revolutionary approach even further, and to enhance the reputation of Videoslots as a pathbreaking gaming company. Part of this challenge will involve skillfully protecting Videoslots’ reputation for socially responsible gaming. Being responsible has always been a core value of the firm and changes in society across the world are now making it unavoidable for gaming organisations. The changes will ensure that they are well-placed to thrive as the industry adapts.

At the same time, Videoslots need to have the right management team in place to handle their ongoing expansion. They already offer everything from blackjack, poker and scratch cards, to online slots and roulette. But they always want to take their portfolio further. The next year or two will see some exciting new products appearing on the Videoslots site, including totally new social gaming elements. The new team will supply the skills required to pilot these innovations seamlessly.

Providing the best possible service

For members of the Videoslots gaming community, the message should be clear: the company is totally committed to providing a fun, social, socially responsible and technologically cutting edge place to play the casino games that customers love. That’s why they have promoted two members of their own community. Both Atam and Hansen are passionate about what the firm does and how they do it, so they should be 100% behind the Videoslots idea.

And they are also completely committed to continuing the firm’s wide range of new member offers and perks for long-term customers. They have been behind some of some of their most exciting deals, like the 100% bonus for new members when they deposit up to £200 and the popular Weekend Booster promotion, which rewards regular players every week.

As Videoslots overhaul its management team, new deals will be emerging all the time, so keep your eyes peeled. And to celebrate these new appointments and the continuing development of the Videoslots brand, they have come up some special deals for gamers to enjoy. Click here to get an online bonus code, and good luck with your next gaming experience.