Which businesses and organisations would benefit from modular design?

For any business, their physical base is an important consideration. Location is key, as is the type of building that best suits their needs and houses their workforce and activities. And yet so many businesses still occupy spaces that just don’t meet their needs.

MTX Contracts, experts in modular building, take a look at which businesses benefit from this modern building technology.

modular buildingWhat is modular building?

Modular building is where a building is created off-site. Using renewable materials and energy efficient build processes, the final quality of the building is beyond expectation.

And yet, the overall cost and build time are much lower. Waste is reduced too. And yet, it is a mode of building that not everyone turns to, especially in the case of industrial or commercial application.

It is a versatile means of creating bespoke business premises and so for a business that needs versatility on a budget, this is the method of building that they need.

Modular build examples

Example 1 – Healthcare

Healthcare is a multi-faceted ‘business’. The range of services on offer varies from one provider to another.

There are commonalities, however. As technology improves and revolutionises healthcare provision, hospitals and clinics need more space in wards, clinics and theatres.

Theatres and clinics also need to be hygienic environments, without compromising on comfort.

There is also a need for these facilities to be delivered on budget and on time. With the demand for healthcare services continually growing in the UK, NHS and private healthcare providers are looking for affordable, innovative solutions to expanding space.

Like other businesses, the need for these new centres to be cost-efficient to run and maintain is also key. Unlike some other building materials, modular buildings not only last a long, long time, they also require very little in the way of maintenance. Even better, when maintenance is required, the need for specialist services and input is reduced.

And like other businesses, many healthcare providers will see their business activities change even more in the future. They need premises that are easy and cost-effective to modify. Can this be said of traditionally built breezeblock or brick hospital or clinical buildings?

Modular building is a versatile product and process, essential for many modern healthcare providers.

Example 2 – Education

Universities, colleges and schools, like healthcare providers, are dynamic. Their services are changing, as are the number of students accessing them.

There is a huge demand placed on their buildings. For example, many decades ago when universities and college campuses were built, the thought of computer laboratories were unheard of.

As technology changes, what will the future bring? What equipment and technology tools will students of the future need to access as essential components of their study?

And so, like healthcare, the modular building provides versatile answers to a range of problems. With bespoke creations, schools, colleges and universities can extend their campuses and provision.

And like healthcare providers, they do so in the most cost-effective means possible. But there is another added bonus: as modular buildings are built off-site, onsite disruption is minimal.

For all businesses, not just health care and education providers, this is welcome news.

Any business

Which business wouldn’t want cost-efficient design and build process for creating either an entirely new business premises or even extensions to their current building? Which business wouldn’t want cost efficiency maintaining and running a business?

Modular building is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination but perhaps because it is so easy to achieve stunning results, many businesses assume that it is somehow inferior to traditional building processes and materials. But they are far from sub-standard in build or materials.

A modular building can be a turnkey solution too. In effect, a business commissions a building and will only take delivery of it when everything is in place, from utilities to specialist equipment and more.

Or, a business can commission the bare skeleton of a building, finishing it how they want.

Essentially, modular building is the solution that all businesses need. It boasts a versatility that is unparalleled: as your business changes, the modular building can be easily modified to fit.

The final appearance can be staggering too, with the modular build matching your current premises exactly. In fact, so precise and detailed is the finish, that people are hard-pressed to tell the difference…

Modular build is a refreshing, modern approach to modern business problems: gaining more space that is versatile and appropriate to your business needs.

MTX Contracts have many years of experience of delivering the highest quality turnkey modular build solutions for all kinds of businesses, from NHS healthcare providers to colleges and universities.