How to improve team morale with fun events

It is no secret that the best teams are those that genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company, so how can you make this happen?

The truth is that there is no magic formula for making everyone the best of friends, and boosting team morale. The reality is that some enjoy better relationships with some than they do with others, so you have to find a way to break down any existing boundaries that exist in your team.

team morale

Team building events can be a fun way to promote the correct mentality in your staff. There are a variety of reasons why team chemistry may not be where it should be, ranging from differences in staff members to new additions that are still bedding into their new surroundings.

Breaking the ice

For the most part, colleagues will only know each other from what they see at work and can find it difficult to strike up conversations not associated with their jobs. Team building exercises encourage colleagues to get to know one and other on a different level which, in turn, develops a better understanding of everyone’s like and dislikes.

Problem-solving exercises are a particular favourite for businesses looking to encourage teamwork. Each member plays a key role in the team’s end result, reinforcing that the team is greater than the sum of its parts. Such exercises will highlight each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and provide a practical platform for the team to work together to help one and other.

Improved productivity

The number one reason for businesses to take on team building events is to improve productivity. A pleasant working atmosphere is what every worker dreams of, but results are what management teams, and the business as a whole, are judged upon.

Team building activities identify ways to improve the ‘three Ps’ (policies, processes and procedures) of the business. Communication is a key factor here, as so often a breakdown in this area results in two or more members taking on the same task and duplicating work, or not taking on a task whatsoever assuming someone else has it covered.

When colleagues communicate with each other they refine processes and procedures, thus making teams and businesses much more productive. Less vocal members must be encouraged to voice their opinions in order to reach the team’s full potential.


Some of the best ideas are formed when teams communicate and listen with each other. When team members feel as though they have exhausted all avenues, a different set of eyes opens up new doors and presents opportunities that we never realised were staring us right in the face.

Creative teams have the ability to think outside of the box, present their ideas to everyone and make them even better than they were before. Businesses that allow creative teams to express themselves often reap the rewards by implementing unique and original ideas.

Fun days out

Either as a means for everyone to get to know each other better, as a reward for a job well done or just a morale booster, corporate fun days are a welcome distraction from the office. Not only will planning team days out always give your staff something to look forward to, this philosophy will also encourage members of staff to want to stay on a long-term basis rather than seek out a new job.

The best teams are those that know each other’s capabilities inside out, and that level of understanding does know grow overnight. When staff is happy and feel fulfilled in their positions they tend to stay – meaning that as time goes on so does their experience, with the business having safe hands to call upon to delegate tasks and lead projects.

All businesses should make a conscious effort to include team building events on their calendar as the effects of improved team morale and productivity will see enhanced results.

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