The drive to succeed: 6 personality traits entrepreneurs share

There are undoubtedly hugely successful entrepreneurs who have shaped the modern world; from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey and J.K Rowling. These individuals have capitalised on their talent and ideas and made millions.

While no set characteristic determines if you make or break it in the business world, it can be argued that all entrepreneurs share a set of personality traits.

personality traits


One of the biggest key personality traits that entrepreneurs share is that they are all determined to succeed and possess the drive and self-motivation to ensure they reach their goal. Whatever their goals, motivation and determination are vital to continue working tirelessly, at all hours, whether that’s throughout the night, over weekends or even when they are on holiday. This willingness to work hard can separate those who want to succeed and those who do. So, in this work pressure era, the betting sites have become a great mental relief and entertainment provider.


Entrepreneurs are not only extremely driven, but they are intensely passionate about their chosen field, be it creating and marketing software to solve computer issues or the desire to teach the world something new. This passion will be the driving force when long hours are needed to be worked to achieve their targets, and it will give them a vision for their goal.

Risk takers

Gambling and risk taking may be something that secretly gives most of a thrill, and while the majority may limit this to risking money on Unibet casino games or in the betting shop, for entrepreneurs, it means risking a lot more than the odd £10 on a horse race. Entrepreneurs are aware and willing to take the necessary risks in order the take their business and ideas to the next level. Bill Gates famously dropped out of Harvard University to co-found Microsoft, and through hard work and determination, became one of the world’s wealthiest people. However, the risks taken are often well-calculated, ones which have been heavily researched and thought out – rather than risking it all on the off chance it may pay off.


To become the best in the business, entrepreneurs must, and often do, believe they are the best. Not everyone will believe they can succeed, or believe that the entrepreneur’s ideas are the greatest, but the entrepreneur themselves must be confident entirely and wholeheartedly in themselves and what they can offer. This self-confidence will ensure that if they face rejection, they can pick themselves up after the challenge and keep going. It will also mean they can market themselves to their chosen field.


All entrepreneurs know that the road to success is never simple or easy. Being resilient and weathering setbacks, and how they recover and bounce back from said setbacks, is the mark of a true entrepreneur. They recognise that setbacks, no matter how big or small, are an opportunity to learn and to grow.


As with being resilient, being flexible is also a common personality traits shared by entrepreneurs. They know things don’t always go exactly as planned. Being flexible means they can adapt and change their methods and techniques to succeed, and that they will try new techniques and approaches.