Five ways an access control system can improve your business

Keyless security systems are becoming more commonplace, as the access control market is predicted to be worth $10.03 billion by 2023.

The biggest drive for growth in access control market comes from business owners eager to keep their companies secure with the latest technological advancements. These wireless systems allow users to unlock doors using a magnetic door release, a fob system, or even a digitally coded lock.

access controlAccess control systems can significantly improve the day-to-day lives of your staff, while giving your building extra security. As the experts at Bridger Security explain, adopting an access control system for your business will not “leave the security of any part of your property to chance”. We’ve highlighted five ways an access control system can improve your business, and keep you safe.

  1. It can increase safety, security, and productivity

Access control systems are able to keep doors locked and secure, until the magnetic locking system is released with a key card, fob, or by inputting a specific code or password. The system can be implemented on a number of entry points to your building, including parking gates, turnstiles, and other barriers, which helps to increase the security levels.

According to a study by CV Library, feeling safe in a work environment is one of the top 10 contributing factors to employee job satisfaction. In fact, 50% of the 1,200 professionals surveyed agreed that feeling physically safe at work has an affect on their happiness. Job satisfaction can profoundly affect the productivity of employees; a study by the University of Warwick found that happy and engaged staff are 12% more productive, while unhappy staff are 10% less productive. With this in mind, an access control system could provide a productivity boost as well as improving security.

  1. It can give you full control over who is entering and exiting the building

Giving staff their own key cards or fobs allows you to control who is allowed access to the building, as well as which rooms they are permitted to enter. You may choose to only have certain cards work during specific hours, in order to increase the security. This can also secure you against any disgruntled former employees, and protect your data and the workplace. If a former employee still has access to their card or fob, you can update the database to revoke their access to the building.

If someone does gain unauthorised access to your business, you may be able to trace the culprit using the access control system. For example, if a theft happened overnight, you will be able to see which card was used to gain entry to the building, and who it belonged to.

  1. You will be able to restrict certain areas within the building

According to the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index by IBM, 60% of all cyber attacks were carried out by insiders. Restricting access to certain areas in your building (as well as to certain data on your servers) can help to reduce the chances of your information being leaked. There are some parts of your office that shouldn’t be easily accessible to all staff members—for example, HR Departments contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be available to all employees. Restricting these areas can help keep data secure, and increase security for all staff members.

Keeping certain offices and rooms out of bounds can also help to protect staff belongings; only allowing certain people access to a space reduces the chances of having items stolen. Access control systems can also reduce the chances of having someone steal office equipment or supplies. Businesses can restrict the access to stock rooms or supply closets, in order to better keep track of company assets.

  1. Access control can eliminate any ‘lost key’ issues

Using a card, fob, or especially a code to gain access to the building, and certain rooms, eliminates the need for any keys. When business owners hand out multiple sets of keys to staff, they increase the chances of one of those keys accidentally being misplaced. This can leave your premises vulnerable if someone manages to get hold of them.

Using an access control system, however, eliminates the need for staff to have a physical key to each door in your building. Instead, electronic cards or fobs can be programmed to work with your security system in order to grant access to the building. These work the same way as hotel key cards, and do not contain any sensitive information or data. If a card is lost, the database can simply be updated to remove access for that card or fob. These keycards will also save your business money, removing the need to invest in changing the locks and recutting more keys for staff, in order to keep your building safe and secure.

  1. Access control systems can save your business money

On top of eliminating the cost of cutting keys for staff, installing an access control system in your business could wind up cutting other costs in the long run. More advanced systems can be integrated with your existing heating and lighting in the building, and can adjust lights and temperatures according to which part of the building is being used. This reduces the risk of wasting energy where it’s not needed, which can cut down on costs and bills in the long run.

Regardless of what type of business you have, you need to make sure it’s protected, and having a good security system is one of the easiest things ways to do so. Installing an access control system allows you to keep an eye on who is allowed in and out of the building, with minimal hassle.