Event planning advice from industry leaders

You might currently be planning an event that you intend to use to further your company’s success in one manner or another. Perhaps it is a seminar or team building event at which staff will be trained; alternatively, it could be a product launch or fashion show meant to draw the crowds.

Whatever type of corporate event you are planning, you shouldn’t simply leave its success to chance. Here are some expert-backed ways of carefully preparing your event.

event planningDefine the event’s target audience

You should do this before anything else, as it will assist you in making other decisions concerning the event’s format, content and location.

This is advice provided by Heart Internet’s Marketing Manager, Matt Telfer, for an article on the Small Business Trends website. He further advises that this approach can prevent you becoming too unfocused about your goals, which could otherwise become unhelpfully watered down.

Clarify the event’s business purpose

Why do you want to hold this event? If you currently lack a clear answer, it’s a good time to lift any ambiguity or confusion. Once you have done this, you can more confidently make decisions that will feed the pursuit of your primary goal.

This recommendation comes from Laura Leites, an Event Planner and Owner at L2 Event Production. You might want to use your event to generate leads, foster stronger loyalty in your customers or spread the word about your business. Once the purpose is specified, communicate it throughout your team.

Carefully consider how the event will be funded

Sponsorships and ticket sales are thoroughly tried-and-tested means of raising money for an event. However, in forming a budget, you should remain realistic about how much money can be sourced through each method. To do this, you will need to accurately gauge the likely level of interest in your event.

To do this, you can follow Leites’ advice of selling advance tickets before booking the venue. After sufficient interest is confirmed in your event, we would welcome you hiring our luxurious private venue, Château Bouffémont. Its refined decor and proximity to Paris make it especially well-suited to prestige brands.

Promote not just the event, but also its benefits

As you start to advertise the event or send out invitations, it could be risky for you to assume that the benefits of attending will seem a foregone conclusion to everyone.

Therefore, Beth Silver – managing director at Doubet Consulting – advises that you inform the invitees of the many great reasons to attend. If the event will be held at our Château, you could highlight such merits our spectacular manicured French gardens and sophisticated cuisine.

Delegate responsibilities as you see fit

Even if your business is large and prominent in its industry, you could still risk overextending yourself if you attempt to oversee every detail of the event yourself.

This is the cautious note sounded by Joy Go, Day 2 Day Printing’s Internet Marketing and Affiliate Program Manager. However, if you select chateau rental in France, you could find that many of your event planning needs have already been accounted for by the venue’s staff, as can be the case here at Château Bouffémont.