Thinking about purchasing property? Here’s what to do

Purchasing property as an investment move can be quite lucrative. However, like any investment choices, you can gain or lose.

Taking a plunge, head first, isn’t always a good idea unless you’ve equipped yourself with the necessary knowledge in making real estate and purchasing property your investment of choice.

purchasing propertyIf you have identified a property you want to purchase, either to live in, rent out, start a business with or sell at a higher price – we have prepared these tips for you to consider when purchasing property:

Do your research

Residential properties, mixed use and commercial properties are very different from each other. They require you to understand every aspect affecting its value.

Before making a purchase, do your research about the property you have in mind. Are you looking to purchase the property using Property Auctions, or are you looking for the help of an estate agent? Scope it out and have professionals conduct an inspection of the electrical and plumbing conditions. If there are any issues, it will require costly repairs. The more knowledge you have prior to the purchase, especially if buying at auction, the better idea you can have of the amount you’re willing to bid on the property, and how much the work required will cost. This could give you a potential outlook on any future sell-on values.

Look into the history of the property as well. Any major events or crimes can affect it’s good standing and value.

Learn about the neighborhood

It may take a lot of effort on your part to learn about the neighborhood your property of choice is situated in, but it is important.

Knowing the crime rates in the area, from petty to serious, will help you make a choice if the property is worth it.

Will you be renting or selling the property once you acquire it?

The point of purchasing the property should be clear to you before you sign any documents. Will you sell it or rent it out?

Your plans will help you determine how much extra cost you’re willing to take on. Do you plan to move to this new property, do you plan to sell or rent it?

What you intend to do with the property will determine whether you’re going  to go through with repairs, renovations and upgrading.

We recommend that you consult experts to make informed decisions. It will be helpful to consult an interior designer for the furnishings, a contractor for any remodelling and so on.

Don’t go overboard

If it is your first property purchase, it’s a good idea to start small. First purchases require you to play it safe because it is a big purchase after all. Take on bigger projects when you’ve got the hang of property investment in general.

If you have made up your mind about purchasing a property, consult a property finance expert as well.

In a nutshell

Property investment isn’t a simple or easy venture to explore. You will need the assistance of investment and property experts.

Discussing your investment plans with an open minded, positive and pragmatic bank will be invaluable when you need financing.

It never hurts to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge about property and investment. Go the extra mile if you are seriously considering this investment opportunity. Take investment courses and read books. There are also plenty of resources online that can help you build confidence in your property choices.