Here’s what makes a software developer very successful

What would you say if you’d have to compare two software developers, who have similar backgrounds and skills, such as language, platforms, industries? You see the same things for the both of them. But which one is actually better?

It seems that a software developer who is very successful doesn’t possess only tech skills, good behaviour and mindsets can make the difference.

software developerSo here’s how to make a difference between two software developers who have the same qualifications.

They write code that is easy to read

We know that it’s easy to write a code that can be reused and tested – but this actually shows how good the developer is. Developers start by writing line after line and then they create this function that gets bigger and then the code starts to become harder to read and it’s more difficult to reuse it. They need to have a clear name for variables and functions.

They understand how important their work is for the business

Lots of people can now write code for different companies. But not many understand why is the company so important. Few actually understand where the business lays and how it works. They need to understand the objectives and goals. And their work needs to be focused on the customer.

They know when they need to speak and when they need to listen

If they are in a meeting, they will definitely know that they first have to listen, then to speak. This means that they are not supposed to believe that they are the smartest person in the room. They need to understand that they may be wrong sometimes and that they need to find ways to learn constantly.

They are disciplined

For a software developer company, talent is not everything. A disciplined software developer is one who takes their time when doing their work, analyzing all the ideas and understanding that they need to help the company succeed.

They do not give up

They need to be a bit stubborn, because the issues they could encounter may not be very easy and pleasant. They need to be sure that they will find a way to solve the problem.

They need to be able to focus on the things that matter

The software developer needs to have their full attention redirected to the business’ goal.

Some codes may be very hard and sometimes their mind can fly up to other things. They need to know the goals of the company and what to do to achieve them. It’s not a bad thing to let it loose sometimes, as long as they are able to refocus on their job.