How companies can get access to staff quick

You may find yourself in a position where you need to get access to staff quickly, but only on a temporary basis. Whether it’s an event, hospitality or fast-growing business, it is easy for firms to be short of hands and in need of staff to meet their goals. But how do you go about doing this?

It is recommended that any staff that take on should be CRB or DBS checked beforehand and have some references available. It is easy to be seduced if you need to get access to staff quickly, but these are also people that you are putting amongst your own team, in front of customers and around your own property – so having people that have a clean background and are trustworthy is key.

access to staff

Job boards

You have to advertise the role. On a job board, your company can list the specific employment opportunity/opportunities that you have open. You can also usually and conveniently accept successful job applications through the job board.

Typically, there will be a fee to advertise your role on a job board website. Whilst there is a fee, listing the job will definitely increase visibility and you are therefore more likely to get access to staff quicker.

One of the most successful free job sites is ‘work in startups,’ otherwise you can consider online forums, Facebook groups and Linkedin too if you are a little more patient and looking to save some pennies.

Use an agency

Your company can find temporary staff quickly through an agency which specialises in temporary, casual staff such as Rota, Reed and Indeed. Whilst the last two offer strong job listings upon payment, Rota offers an app to connect employers and jobs across hotels, restaurants and events. Again, this comes as a price as you some companies will charge for postings or take an introductory fee – but is a fast solution to your shortfall in staff.

There are more cost effective ways to use agencies such as working on ‘hire-only basis’ or on monthly retainers so they are finding your staff before you even find yourself short.

Student forums

Last-minute work is very desirable for students, especially the casual nature of working very flexible hours. If your role can be handled by students, this could be a great way to get the type of staff you want in no time – and it’s probably free.

Even if a person who sees it is not interested in taking on work, they are likely to have friends who are and can therefore pass on the message.

Posting on social media

Something that will not cost you a penny is using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise job opportunities. Particularly for young people that are glued to social media, they may be more likely to find a job on Facebook than through a traditional recruiter. In the cases of Linkedin, people are going on there to network and meet people for work purposes and if the job is not suited to them, they will likely recommend someone very quickly.