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Your business logo is not your Instagram picture or your Facebook profile photo. Plus, it’s not all about picking something that looks edgy or beautiful.

So, when you want to design a logo, keep in mind that it’s going to be a visual representation of your company’s statement, mission, culture and qualities. It’s the face and identify for your business.

logo designBuilding awareness about your brand amongst your customers is one of the first goals of social media marketing. Nike, McDonald’s and Apple are some of the brands that are popular for their logos. You can get a compelling logo for your business, too. Read on to learn more.

1. Color

The color(s) on your logo is one of the most essential element of the design. In most cases, brands usually use their brand colors to design their logo. When choosing a color, do not let personal interests and preferences overshadow your choice. For example, having purple or green as your favorite color doesn’t mean you can use them on your new logo.

Sometimes, it will take some brainstorming and keen forethought to narrow down to one or more colors you’ll use. According to experts, colors evoke emotions in your target audience. For example, you’re in the recycling industry, then green can be a great color as it appeals to environmentalists. You can also pick one of the popular colors, such as blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, and orange. If you want to learn more about the color for your logo, find out here.

2. Icon

A logo can have an icon or not, but it makes sense if you want to have a favicon on your website. For specific logos, the text and icon complete the entire logo. In some cases, the icon itself should be recognizable easily as your brand’s symbol. For example, McDonald’s “M” icon represents their brand.

Customers already associate the “M” icon with McDonald’s and they don’t need to see the rest of the letters to know what it means. This is also the case with Facebook with their “F” icon. First-time viewers might not recognize it, but it easier to reproduce in different sizes for easy promotion and marketing.

3. Font

When thinking about the right font for your logo, you want to borrow inspiration from logos of brands, such as FedEx, Facebook, NASA, Google, and McDonald’s. Keep in mind that your business name and industry might affect your choice of font. For a traditional, classic, and timeless feel, you want to pick one of the popular Serif fonts, such as Times New Roman.

Slanted or fluid fonts, such as Sans serifs, are great for those in fashion and entertainment industry, and great examples, include RayBan and Disney. Sans serifs are clean and modern and tech startups really love them for their simplicity. Their problem is that they are very common, so they don’t offer originality.

4. Tagline/slogan

Brand slogans and taglines are still essential additions to your logo design. Some popular slogans include “Just Do It” for Nike, “Think Different” for Apple, “Life’s Good” for LG and “Shave Time” for Dollar Shave Club. Typically, the essence of taglines is to inspire or share an idea that your brands stands for.

So, try to find an exciting way to incorporate a precise put powerful tagline into your logo. It helps to share how your customers respond and react to your brand. In most cases, a great tagline should be a feel-good message.

5. Consider market and competitors

Before you decide on the final design for your new logo, you need to understand your market and competitors. Your logo needs to appeal to your target audience and the nature of your community should be well-represented in the design of the logo. For example, Twitter and Facebook use lowercase on the logo text, and this helps to connect with their users quite easily.

Standing out of the competition is an aged but effective marketing technique. So, it helps to know how the rest of the competition is performing logo-wise and design something that is unique but still resonates with your audience. Plus, it helps to know why some of your competitors’ logos tick, and what you can do to stay on top.

Design a great logo

Your business logo is not something that you can design overnight and printing it out tomorrow. No! It never works that way. In some cases, you might need to design a few samples and get the input and feedback of your investors, partners, and customers to know how they feel. Most importantly, you need to work with a professional graphic designer who understands your business needs and industry.


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