Car leasing, a great way to supply your business fleet

When making a big decision it is wise to consider all options. As entrepreneurs expanding your business is a huge investment of time and money, the decision to invest in your car fleet is not an easy one to make.

We look at how car leasing can be an option for your business fleet and how Vantage Leasing can help.

business fleet


Purchasing a fleet of cars could seem like the ideal way to start, or bulk out, your business fleet. However, buying a car has numerous costs involved from maintenance to tax and beyond. Car leasing is a fantastic option to keep all these costs in one monthly payment.

The Vantage Leasing website is clear with what you are getting for your monthly payment and you can adapt your deal from 24-60 months. There are no processing fees and with the choice to pay nothing up front on a large range of cars, considering car leasing as an option for your fleet allows you to see all costs in a user friendly way.

Fancy a chat?

When purchasing a car one advantage is to speak to the dealer about any concerns you may have. This can be a concern when looking online at cars for your fleet but after visiting the Vantage Leasing site you are prompted to chat with an online advisor. If you still want to chat to a person about any concerns there is a phone number displayed on every page of the site.

A selection of vehicles

One of the biggest problems with purchasing a new car is that you would have to visit numerous branded garages and speak to a variety of car sales people. Finding brand new cars in one user friendly website is a bonus to leasing a car.

Vantage Leasing’s manufacturer page highlights the brands available for leasing through their website. From Alpha Romeo to Volkswagen and Jaguar to Rolls Royce you can find whatever brand you need. The search function allows users to search for the type of vehicle you need. If you need a big people carrier or a little hatchback you can just click the desired icon and find all cars leased of that type.

Why should you lease instead of buy?

Car leasing is similar to how you rent a property instead of buying a house. You may not be able to afford to purchase a vehicle or a number of vehicles for your business, so leasing might be a better option than buying them. Your business needs to maintain a professional image, this should apply to the whole business from the business owner to client facing staff. Arriving in a brand new Audi at a client meeting gives an impression of success and competence, which you can follow through with your businesses services. Vantage Leasing explains in further detail here.

When looking into bulking up or starting your business fleet consider all options, only then can you make the best decision.

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