5 trading methods that you should adopt

Traders today have more choices than ever, compared to their counterparts in the last 50 years.

With new technologies come new strategies to trade, which allow more people to earn a larger profit for a longer period consistently. Here are some trading methods you probably haven’t considered but are worth checking out.

trading methodsScalping

Many traders start out dreaming about making huge profits in a short amount of time. However, unless you are a trading god, it is almost always impossible to do this with constant profits. In most cases making small consistent gains daily is a more viable strategy in the long run.

Scalping is a day trading strategy that lets you do this by making fast trades that generate a small profit each time a trade is completed. The profit is low in each trade. However, if you do this on a frequent basis throughout the day, your returns can snowball to become significant. Scalping is good for managing your risk as your funds are not tied up in stocks for extended periods of time.

Trading bots

This is especially useful for traders who wish to use powerful software AI to manage their risks and maximize profits. A trading bot such as Fintech Ltd uses machine learning to evaluate and interpret trading signals, which in turn brings in high payouts and a proven average return on the initial investment of 80%.

To trade with a bot, you simply set parameters according to how you want the trades to be executed on your behalf. A reliable bot like Fintech Ltd lets you determine the amount you would like to invest in a single trade as well as setting limits on the number of trades performed and sums invested. The settings can be changed at any time, but once you set them, the software will start opening positions, making it a full autopilot and hands-off process.

Trading on news stories

For those with their fingers on the pulse on current events, trading based on news event could be a lucrative way rake in big money. However, this can be a risky way to invest. Not only do you need the latest information, you’ll need to have deep knowledge in the field that the news is related to.

This strategy simply involves profiting from changes in prices of financial instruments that are affected by certain news events. Do also consider where the source of news derives from, as insider trading is a serious crime in almost all markets so might be one of those methods to be wary of.

CFD trading

Sometimes you don’t have to own any stock to earn profits from it. Contracts for Difference, also known as CFDs, allow traders to profit from price speculation on a diverse range of stocks and other items. Trading CFD products is relatively easy to do, with several online CFD trading websites let you speculate on whether a particular stock will rise or fall in value. But do note that a speculation methods are high-risk trading, but if you know what you are doing, it can reap high rewards.


This type of hedging investment capitalizes on the differences in the price of the same stock in two separate markets. By simply bringing in the stock from one market to another to sell, you’ll earn the difference in prices as profit. To ensure successful gains in arbitrage, you’ll need to execute the transactions at the same time to ensure that there’s no change in price after the stock has been purchased at the lower price.