How to quit your day job and work your side hustle full-time

Can you name a single young entrepreneur you know who’s happy to turn up to their day job, complete tasks for their employer, then head home for 16 straight hours of R&R or an easy weekend?

Of course not. Entrepreneurs are, by their disposition and through their education, always looking for a new angle: a way to maximize their financial expenditure and their natural energy can turn towards a side hustle.

side hustleOften, this manifests in the side hustle. Your side hustle is what you do to make a few bucks outside of regular work, either by selling stuff on ebay, fixing up old cars to shift, or whatever particular angle you’ve found. And once you’ve done the groundwork and it becomes a regular pursuit, you’re likely to find – as an entrepreneur – that you have more time, money, and ambition to dedicate to this extracurricular project.

In fact, you may even be wondering if it can become a full-time concern.

Whether or not it can, only you can decide: that’s where your business nose comes in. But if you decide it’s a goer, you’ll need a few extra tools to make it happen.

For a start, you’ll still be working your regular job at the beginning, so you need to apply some strict discipline to the use of your time outside of work. You might set yourself ‘supplementary’ working hours for example – specific times that you will hit the garage or the laptop each weekend to work on your home business. And you should employ the Pareto Principle, too – this dictates that 80% of your productivity comes from just 20% of the tasks that you do.

Prioritize these most profitable tasks, and leave the other stuff for later – or delegate it to your partner or a friend who can spare a couple of hours at the weekend if you promise them a beer!

The tools that you’ll need to fulfil your dream can be found in this informative new visual guide from QuidCorner. Go through it, re-write your business plan, and you can start to think about stepping out from your regular job to become an independent entrepreneur.

How to quit your day job and work your side-hustle full-time