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James Schwab on the developments and future of the company

In the framework of the International Investment Summit 2018, James Schwab, the founder of Schwab Opportunities, gave an exclusive interview, talking about the company’s new developments and its own prospects in the forex industry.

Here you will find out how James Schwab wants to become a leader in the forex industry and take the financial markets by storm.

Schwab– Mr. James Schwab, it’s not a secret for anyone that you are determined to become a market leader, as you have repeatedly stated in your speeches. What gives you such unshakable confidence?

“You know, John Rockefeller once said: “The only desire all my life was the desire to attract as many capable people as possible to work together, that is, to arrange for them to work with me, and not against me.” Once upon a time, back in the years of my youth, I heard the words of Rockefeller from a person close to me, who at that time headed one of the oldest banks in America. Then I didn’t even think about business; I studied international relations at the Woodo Wilson School at Princeton University. But it was at that moment that I first thought that it was business that could give me what I always wanted – interesting teamwork and financial independence. Since then, I have always followed Rockefeller’s rule: I do filigree work on finding talented employees and offer them decent wages, as a result of which I get high capitalization of my business. At Schwab Opportunities, every employee is in place. We have no extra or random people. That is why our services are always so high quality and rational. That is why our customers value us so much and trust us. And that is why Schwab Opportunities is bound to become a market leader.

– In the company’s press release, you said that you were conducting new developments. Can you already tell which specific products will appear in Schwab Opportunities and what is the planned release date?

– I cannot fully answer these questions yet, but I can say that our new development will affect the entire trading process. Finally, we can offer customers a truly revolutionary product that will not only simplify the work with the financial market, but also increase its effectiveness. Of course, we did not invent a panacea for all losses, but what we have developed will significantly reduce them. Forex with its liquidity and unlimited earning opportunities make it extremely attractive among investors. But the flip side of the coin is the high risks associated with a very fast and often unpredictable change in the value of assets. Risk reduction is the primary concern of any investment company, and Schwab Opportunities is no exception.

– We know that Schwab Opportunities is planning staffing changes. With what probability can we talk about cardinal changes?

– Changes in the management team are always cardinal changes. But in our case, this is a positive moment, since the new member of the team is one with us in spirit. As you already know, Schwab Opportunities will have a new Director for Development and Promotion. We already have a candidacy, and we hope that we will be able to present him soon. But until the signing of the contract, I will not disclose all the details, although I will not hide it, we have known each other for a long time. Believe me, this person has a rare analytical mindset and no less rare organizational talent. I and the entire Schwab Opportunities team will be immensely happy to work together.

– Mr. Schwab, you yourself once were a trader. What would you wish for all those who are just starting their acquaintance with the Forex market?

– That’s right, I went all the way: from an ordinary trader to the owner of an investment company focused on the financial market. For beginners, I would recommend doing more experimentation, not to be afraid of drawdowns, listen to criticism, advice, but do as your heart tells you, because no one knows better than you what you really want, even an investment company. At Schwab Opportunities, we can only insure you with our many years of experience and advanced technology. So go for it! No gods burn pots, guys!