5 mins with…Chris Carr, founder & CEO of Orbit Defence

Newly-launched, Manchester-based Orbit Defence provides a fresh, human approach to IT compared to standard solutions on the market. Applying cutting-edge technology and world-class partners to an experienced yet innovative team, Orbit Defence delivers cost-effective solutions to de-risk businesses. We caught up with CEO Chris Carr.

How has your background led you to founding Orbit Defence?

After working for many years in IT within the legal sector, I felt there was a lack of awareness around cyber security on both the Managed IT Services side and with the law firms themselves. I knew that the Managed Service Providers didn’t always consider the full scope of the firms they were working for and concentrated on making money in the short term rather than understanding what’s best for the client and nurturing those vital long-term relationships.

That’s the exact premise Orbit Defence was founded upon: delivering the services that will help our customers to be more efficient and prosperous in the long-run.

What sets you aside in the IT solutions industry?

Everything we do takes a bespoke approach to meeting the needs of clients through a very human set of interactions. We work with computers; we ourselves are not computers. We also work with only the best partners in the industry. By that we mean that a company having 20 years operating experience in an industry isn’t enough – that’s in the past – it’s about understanding the future of IT solutions.

You mentioned your partners, who do you work with and how do they help you to deliver a better service?

Our two main partners are Vapour Media and 4Armed, both of which I’ve had a long relationship with and they have proven themselves time and time again.

Vapour Media are an incredibly progressive organisation when it comes to understanding tomorrow’s technological landscape, and proactively take centre stage with developments.

When it comes to cyber security, there is nothing more important than working with someone at the forefront of their industry who takes the time to understand your business and your needs, and 4Armed are exceptional at this.

Launching a start-up can bring its own challenges, what have you had to overcome with Orbit Defence and what would your advice be to those looking to launch their own business?

The key factor for me is employing the right people. Sometimes when you’re starting out it can seem like there are thousands of highly qualified individuals on the market, but finding the right one to perfectly match the company culture you’re looking to create is a difficult task. Don’t be afraid to spend money on those whose job it is to find good people.

I’d also say collaboration is also key. Taking the time to identify the partnerships that will ultimately help you to deliver the best possible service for your customers is crucial.

What does the future hold for Orbit Defence?

Simply put, consistent and sustainable growth to allow us to encompass new services and skill sets whilst only ever improving the personal service we offer our customers, not hindering it. Our personal service is not just an idea; it’s a guarantee. We’d also like to spread our wings beyond the UK and bring in more international clients; we’re already wholly capable of taking on overseas clients for many of our services.