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Money makes the world go round but it’s hard to come by. Or is it? Thanks to technology, planning your future budgets can be less daunting.

Perhaps you think being an essay writer or writing a song is only one of your hobbies to pass the time. I believe these skills are the keys to the young generation’s—or anyone willing to learn a few online tricks—financial freedom.

hobbiesDo any of these tasks interest you?

Sell crafts online

I used to make random items for my family, because I was the one known for being ‘creative’. Making jewelry to suit a certain outfit or sewing a storage bag to exact specifications was my family responsibility.

Now I make money out of this.

Popular online creative platforms showcase many talented people’s wares. It ranges from artistic pieces to items that fulfil practical purposes. You know you don’t always find what you’re looking for in stores. But you’re bound to find it online these days.

Now you can join the people making these items and make that money you’ve been dreaming of.

But it’s not just crafts you have to sell online. The Unique E-learning Campaign created by CPD Standards highlights how creating an unusual online course out of a hobby can be a great way to market a product or service, as well as help create early brand loyalty and a significant income

Help others live healthy

Have you discovered a health remedy and you wish others can enjoy it too? Why not share it online?

  • People earn a living from making healthy meals for individuals in their communities. Ordinarily they won’t get many clients, but Facebook community groups can make you an overnight hit.
  • Sell your resources online. The world is in dire need of solutions, so they’re willing to pay:


It’s the daydream of many bookworms: To one day be featured on a best sellers’ list. But it’s a dream for somewhere in the future, right? No. You can start living it today and it can make you rich.


Individuals and businesses across the globe need words:

And not everyone has the time or talent to do this.

Thanks to technology you can work for anyone who has access to the internet, including mobile app developers. Start building your profile on one of the many online platforms for freelancers.


Or perhaps writing is one of your many hobbies? Share a few unique ideas on your blog and you may become the next internet sensation. That means you’ll get paid simply for allowing advertising on your blog page.

The internet opened up new opportunities and it’s up to you if you’re going to grab hold of them. Check out for an example of a dog blog.



It’s widely accepted that being a musician guarantees you’ll have a tough financial future. But not if you harness the power of technology:

  • Don’t limit yourself to teaching the people in your local community. Why not use Skype or paid for webinars to reach the masses?
  • When you record that brilliant single, YouTube or other social media platforms are the store fronts that will get your music out there.


If you have skills in teaching why not try teaching English online overseas? You will find many willing students in foreign countries that need to speak English fluently for their business activities.

Your options changed the moment the internet was created. Are you using your hobbies to your advantage yet?

Ruchi gupta uses her background in content and academic writing to create quality blogs, articles and more.


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