Making your office more practical

A lot of thought goes into how to design an office for the best look, to impress clients and keep your workers in a good mood when at their desks. But does all that thought and meticulous planning really mean your office is as practical as it can be? Are you using your space well? Is it well lit? Are you really getting your best work out of it?

All of these questions can cast some doubts, but thankfully they have some quick solutions. Whilst you’re pondering over the layout of your office, check out the list below. They’re some handy tips to put to good use if you find out there’s a problem in your workplace.

Let people work how they want

Trying to shoehorn every employee of yours into the same working method can risk a huge loss in productivity. Everyone has a different style when it comes to accomplishing tasks, and only they know the best way they can get things done. Of course you need a professional appearance, and you need to know the work is going to get done at the end of the day, but once these stipulations are out of the way you can let people work in the way they want to.

If they work best in pairs, allow them to collaborate. If they work best alone, allow them to seclude themself in a cubicle. No matter what it takes, just let people get on with their work as long as you’re monitoring their situations.

Improving your lighting

If your office isn’t well lit, there’s a good chance your employees are going to be struggling to get things down. And this is especially true if they’re working in front of computers all day. Starting at screens in poor lighting can seriously affect people’s eyesights, and you’re most likely going to be receiving complaints from people who now need glasses who are on your payroll.

Open up the blinds or curtains when the sun is out. This way you’ll get natural light, which is better for everyone, considering how your brain reacts to it. You could also try installing some overhead lighting, such as Fire Rated Downlights. These are much better for your time and money as they have less hazards to them, both concerning the structure of your building and the health of the people working for you. Practicality is all in the foundation after all.

Place desks close together

When desks are close, people can communicate to each other better. It means your employees won’t have to shout across the room, or get up and down all the time to pass a message on. It’s also good for creativity, as it means people can quickly suggest ideas to one another and get discussions going. An innovative environment is always a good working environment.

Your office can easily get more practical with these easy steps. Try not to discount them in your furnishing plans, as you might just see your efficiency suffer.