Have you ever wondered why online slots are so popular?

There is no denying the fact that online slots are the most popular type of casino games. While gaming has much more to offer than a simplistic approach like slots, statistics indicate that the majority of gamers simply prefer slot machines, virtual or land-based. Have you ever wondered why?

Some reasons for the popularity of online slots include people being based in nations, such as Germany, where regulations are strict on the gambling community. Here is a list of other answers you may be looking for.

online slots

Slots is a game of luck

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many people enjoy visiting online casinos like Quasar Gaming is because they get to try their hand against lady luck. Just once in their life they’d like to win the jackpot. Whether it’s a single game of slots or a progressive jackpot, the anticipation of winning gets the adrenaline going. Sometimes a gamer simply ‘feels’ lucky on any given day, so they hit the slots in an online casino.

There is no strategy involved

Although the new generation of slot games are often themed, they aren’t role play so there is no strategy involved. You can simply hit the digital lever, that one-armed bandit, and wait until your rows stop spinning. How can you strategise that? You aren’t going to overwork your mind on who’s doing what and when. Spin at your leisure without giving it a second thought. In fact, for those who are looking to win a few pounds but are already mentally overloaded from a day at the office, this type of no-strategy game offers a chance to kick back and let luck take its course.

Today’s slots are themed

As previously mentioned, this new generation of slots is themed. Unlike role play games where you get to pick a character and then work your way to the finish by fighting off dragons, ninjas and villains, you can play a game based on your favourite or luckiest theme while the game does the thinking for you. Yes, it’s luck but it’s also themed. From seashells to fruit, there is no end to the ‘coins’ which line up for the win.

Most slots are easy to understand

Even beginners can play most online slots because there is nothing much to learn. Of course, you will need to understand what you are looking for because you don’t always get a ‘win’ with straight rows or columns. Traditionally, slots were three in a row or three down, but now there are even slots games you win by matching patterns or the number of like symbols/coins that come up with the spin. Whether or not you know what you are looking for, the computer will tell you when you have a winning match. How much easier can it get?

From single slots games to progressive jackpots

Some players love slots because they can play for a progressively higher jackpot. Each game you play adds to the pot and if you reach the goal and happen to win that game, you can win big. The reason some players prefer progressive jackpots is because they don’t follow the old “win some-lose some” mindset. They have found that for every game they win, they may lose the next. With a progressive jackpot, they haven’t really lost until they run out of their bank. Even then, add a few more pounds and you can keep going. However, if your luck isn’t running, it isn’t running, so you may at some point wish to switch to a single game format.

A multitude of betting options

Of everything you need to learn about slots, the various betting options may be a bit confusing at first. Even so, it’s easier than learning how to bet in games of strategy! For example, you have a 5-line virtual slots machine on the screen in front of you. In order to play, there is typically no set amount to ‘buy in’ to the game. Some games let you bet against a single line predetermined before you pull the lever (tap the lever on screen) while other games let you play every line or just a few lines. Sometimes you only need a single credit which you’ve purchased and stored in your bank while other times you can bet a few credits at a time. Each casino and each game differ, consequently, which is one thing you’ll need to learn. Even so, there really is nothing new to learn about the game, it’s all about how to use those tokens.

Cyber security is one of the most popular features

There will always be some amount of worry that the online casino can somehow decide which numbers or symbols line up. However, with advances in cyber security, this should never be a concern. Since online slots are routed from the software to an outside server, the use of what is called a random number generator (RNG), ensures that online casinos can never hack the system to rig a game. What you see are truly random numbers generated at each spin.

Play from the comfort of home or play with a mobile app

Some online casinos also have a physical location. Playing online offers a comfort level you simply can’t get in a brick-and-mortar casino. When playing from home you can be in any apparel that you’re comfortable in and no one will be the wiser. Want to play in your pyjamas or in that ragged t-shirt that’s seen better days? No worries! Even so, if you download and install a mobile app on your smartphone, you will need to be concerned with wearing street clothes if you’re playing on your way to work on public transport. And, that’s another big reason why online slots are so popular. As your latest invitation to a friend’s evening soiree said, you can “Come as you are” when playing at home.

You should always understand that playing the slots online is a form of gambling, so always play wisely. If you have a gambling problem, know your limit on what you can wager and stick to that limit. Best practices (and the law) mandate that every casino must advise players never to bet more than they can afford. Whether playing from home or at a casino, never exceed your limit no matter how lucky you are feeling. Remember, tomorrow’s another day and the best casinos will still be there when you get back.