Essential advice to help you host the perfect business event

One of the most well-kept secrets about growing your business is in the way you throw your business event. Whether you’re trying to get new customers to buy your products or investors to pay attention to you, hosting the right event could be the key to your success this year. However, throwing the right even is difficult and if you don’t pay enough attention to the process, you could easily tarnish your reputation and become a laughing stock.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for success or a well-established business owner looking to up their game, throwing the perfect business event isn’t easy. To help you out, we’ve prepared some helpful advice that can change the way your approach business events.

Focus on the experience

Planning to throw a party for investors? Invest in fancy food and drinks. Want to make yourself memorable to consumers? Do something like showing a new product or throwing a competition to get them involved.

The idea is to create a memorable experience that will be talked about on social media and will draw investors that didn’t make it the first time. Assist your guests and make an appearance on the show floor to give advice and information to everyone that walks past. Give them business cards and gifts to make yourself memorable and, most importantly, put on a good first impression.

Choosing the right location

You need to pick a location depending on who you’re trying to appeal to. Want to impress investors? Consider a beautiful location such as Clevedon Hall or a fancy hotel function area that is close to your business. Not only will this make the perfect venue for a luxurious event for investors, but there is accommodation bundled with it, making it convenient as well.

However, if you’re aiming to target consumers, then you need to pick a location that is able to give you the most exposure. Try and get yourself a booth spot with Consumer Technology Association (CES) if you deal with electronics, or GamesCom in Germany if you specialize in video game technology. There are plenty of different venues and locations, so make sure you pick the right one for your needs.

Gather information and analyze the impact

Make sure you focus on networking as a priority. Tell all of your employees that came with you to spread their wings and mingle with the crowd. Get opinions, advice and contact details of people that are interested in working with you in order to grow your brand and provide future opportunities to grow your business. Developing relationships with your audience is important, hence why this is one of the most crucial steps to remember.

You also need to measure the impact that your business event had. Talk to people after the event has concluded and figure out what your next plan of action is. Focus on how you can improve your events for the future and give yourself time before you follow-up on any talks that you had with the people at the event.