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You use exhibition stands to advertise your business. You use them when attending events like conferences and trade shows. These exhibition stands come in different sizes. If given the chance, use bigger pop up exhibition stands. This might cost you more but you will get a lot of benefits.

To begin with, in an event where there are a lot of other companies, your goal is to stand out. You want to attract more people to come over. You can’t do it when your stand is too small or you don’t even have a stand at all. You might have someone there who speaks really well and can convince people but there is no visual for people to look at. There is nothing interesting for them. As a result, they just walk to the next booth. Huge display stands are head turners and they are exactly what you need.

Don’t mind the price

Your only concern is that huge display stands are more expensive. Before you write them off, you also have to think of the return on investment. Imagine if you attract at least 300 people during the event. Of that number, at least half look at more information online. From them, you get around 50 people who actually buy your products and services. This will be enough to recoup what you spent on purchasing the exhibition stand.

Use the banners several times

If you don’t want to waste your money, the banner should be reusable. The information you place must be generic, so it can be used several times. You should include the history of your company, nature of the business, sample products and even your company logo and tagline.

Information like prices and promotions should not be included. They change all the time. Once they change, you have no choice but to stop using the banner. It is a waste of money especially if you have not yet maximised the banner.

Select the right information

The good thing about big display stands is that you can place a lot of information and even images. However, this does not mean you should do whatever you want. Otherwise, you will overwhelm the display stand. The people will be confused. They won’t know what to look at. They will also feel dizzy looking at the display stand to the point that they will just go to the next one.

Spend your money wisely by choosing the right size. Think about every detail of the design. Evaluate how people respond to the banner; what they like and don’t like, so you can change it next time and improve the quality whenever necessary.