How to increase brand awareness through social media channels

Social media channels are an inseparable part of any business wanting to grow and expand today. The myriad of options they offer has replaced the conventional advertising methods. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are only some of the social media channels at your disposal.

Millions of people use social media platforms on a daily basis. This is a trend that will remain and is not going anywhere. That is why it has turned into a new way to approach the audience and present your brand.

Connectivity is one of the main aspects of the modern world. In order to create brand awareness you have to be ready to communicate by different means. Choosing the right media channel is a little challenging since some offer only images as content. However, that is not unconventional anymore, and an image can tell many stories if designed properly.

If you want to increase brand awareness, you will have to use the methods provided by the social media channels. And although that may sound too demanding, here is some advice on how to approach this marketing resource.

1. Meet your target audience

You created your business with a specific type of customer in mind who will buy your product or use your services. However, those potential customers have grown in numbers thanks to the technological aspects of everyday human life. Since the marketing trends of engaging the audience change over time, you have to keep up.

Knowing your audience will help you address them more appropriately and use the right methods to do so. Don’t expect to gain everyone’s attention, but rather concentrate on the type of people that will be interested in your product. Research their online behaviour, expectations and keep the content relevant for them.

This is the step you should take before creating your marketing strategy, and base all elements of it on the information you’ve collected. The bigger target audience you’ve acquainted with your brand, the better the chances that they will spread the word of mouth about your brand further.

2. Concentrate on high-quality content

High-quality content is what you should aim for when creating articles, images or video materials. It all depends on the social media channel you chose. For example, Twitter uses text but is limited to the number of characters. This means that you simply have to summarise everything in 280 characters, which is actually double the number it used to be.

Beautiful content will get your audience interested in you and soon they will convert into customers. Also, if they like your content they will share it and turn into brand ambassadors. Pictures and articles are the most effective, but video material is slowly taking over.

However, it all depends on the content and how you’ve prepared it. A five-minute video can be more interesting than a 500-word article and vice versa. It’s only a matter of quality.

3. Approach the influencers

Social media influencer has become a very popular job in recent years. However, it is nothing new on the social marketing scene. Individuals like bloggers were approached in the past to give their opinion on a product or promote a certain brand. Today, it is more widespread and frequent because of all the social media channels at our disposal.

These individuals have a large number of followers or subscribers who read, listen to and watch their content. We can freely say that they are the opinion leaders of today since some even have millions of people as followers. Usually, these influencers are already established celebrities, but ordinary people are also very popular.

Approach those influencers whose audience is actually the one you want to win over. Don’t go with those who are your direct competition and be prepared to pay them for their promotional services. For example, if you’re targeting pet owners, consider reaching out to and hiring dog influencers who have a strong following among your desired demographic.

4. Communicate with your audience

As an enterprise SEO, you know how important communication can be. It’s the pillar of community and social relations. So, it’s only fitting that maintaining regular communication with your audience and customers will give you extra points.

Listening to what they have to say about your brand and product can help you improve and earn their trust. Of course, not every feedback will be positive, but you have to handle the complaints with respect and politeness. Show your followers that they matter to you through the way you communicate with them.

Additionally, you can conduct a survey or a poll from time to time, and ask them about certain aspects of your brand. Consider this since change is a normal process in  the business world and a way of keeping up with the newest trends.

5. Concentrate on going viral

If your content goes viral, then you’ve reached a certain number of people which is considered high by the marketing measurements and type of your business. This is something everyone wants to achieve with their content and become famous, even individuals.

But great content needs a little push in the right direction so it can become viral. Through building a trustworthy relationship with your followers and hiring influencers, you can expect success.

Users share a lot of content on the Internet today. One user can share as frequently as several times a day. Mostly, it’s the videos that go viral, so make sure that they’re interesting and desirable for sharing.

Final thoughts

Brand awareness is not something that will fall onto your plate, but it doesn’t have to be tough to gain either. This is just something you need to do in order to grow your business. It may not be successful in the beginning, but once you get your footing, you will be able to achieve a lot. Just make sure that you give it the time, patience and resources it needs, and even consider hiring marketing experts.