Top tips for placing lighting in your business premises

Lighting is useful in any business premises. It is good for security purposes especially at night. When placed strategically and used the right way, it serves as a welcoming attraction to visitors. Lighting also serves as a form of advertisement.

Good outdoor lighting positioning will protect your business from vandals and invaders. Proper lighting positioning will also save you from lawsuits, as some businesses have been sued for failure to provide proper lighting which led to people tripping and getting injured. Lighting like floor lighting, fence lighting, or even flagpole lighting can help lighten up your premise and prevent accidents.

If customers can’t navigate your premises well, they may get lost and frustrated, and they may not want to return to your premises again.

Here are some tips that will help you place lighting properly in your business premises.

Safety first

You should ensure that all ramps, sidewalks, exits, entrances and parking lots are well lit to prevent accidents from occurring. Do not use fanciful lighting that is hardly useful to anyone. When placing lighting in your business premises, do not place them in areas where pedestrians or cars are likely to collide with them. If you have a car park on your premises, space the lighting in a way that cars can park conveniently without hitting any lighting pole.

Aim for balance

There is no sense in having dark spots and then having well-lit spots on your premises. Of course, you may need to get some areas more lit than others. But, your lighting must be placed in a way that everything is well-balanced.

Go for lighting that matches your office theme

Outdoor lighting should be an extension of your indoor theme. If you use a lot of abstract art in decorating your office, then you should get lighting that reflects that. You can get stylised lighting fixtures painted and decorated with your company logo, colors, and other things, you can even get neon lights to create a truly outstanding effect.

Go for energy saving lighting

It is imperative that you go for energy saving lighting as opposed to traditional lighting. Your energy bills will reduce vastly, and you get to save a lot of money. Get good energy saving lighting solutions from Scotlight Direct and other retailers.

Functionality over looks

Some business organizations make the mistake of selecting attractive lighting that are not bright enough. Some businesses position lighting where it looks nice without considering if the whole premises is well lit. Remember what the primary function of lighting is. Pick functionality over looks. Lighting must be bright enough and arranged in a way that it covers everywhere on the premises.

Go for smart lighting

There are now a lot of smart outdoor lighting with useful features like motion detection, automatic flashing for warnings, automatic shut-off and turn-on, event scheduling, dimming control, level control, daylight sensors etc. Smart lighting is more effective and will save your staff a lot of efforts. Smart lighting will also save energy and give you a reduction in energy bills. These lighting can be controlled via a desktop app from your security control center.

Use the right lighting equipment

There are various lighting options. Use them where they ought to be used. For example, flood lights should be used for illuminating areas that are spacious. Lampposts should be used to light up walkways, parking lots and driveways. Outdoor wall lights should be used placed near parkways, on the sides of building, exits, and other doors. Use step lights for exterior steps. Use outdoor ceiling lights for metal awnings and parking garages.  

Use special tree and flower lighting

A lot of businesses place traditional lighting in flower beds and around trees. There are now special tree lighting options that are more efficient. Use these instead.   


Good lighting position is important for business premises. Be creative with your approach and let your outdoor lighting function as a decorative and attractive feature of your outdoor décor, instead of using bland lighting fixtures.

Ensure that you maintain your lights over time. Your lighting position won’t matter if your lights are not functioning. Be aware of the life-span of your light bulbs and change them when necessary. Periodic inspections should be made to check for light bulbs that are burnt out.