How field management software can revitalise your business

Every service management company has its bad days, where tasks are piling up and nothing seems to be going according to plan. However, if this is occurring more often than not, it may be time to rethink your business operation.

To run a successful trade you must have the right business management solution in place before doing anything else. Finding the best all-in-one software which suits your organisation’s goals, might be the kick-start your business needs. Whether it is poor organisational skills or lack of customer service, making the switch from spreadsheets to field management software can fix some of your biggest problems.

What is field management software?

Field management software is an all-in-one integrated system which connects an organisation’s back office team with the field workers. With this type of software, businesses can control their workload and workforce more efficiently. Commodities like invoices, schedules, quotes and purchase orders are easily managed all together.

Improves customer satisfaction

In the maintenance sector, where workers need to deal with customers daily, customer satisfaction is number one priority. After all, you want to keep ahead of your competitors by maintaining clients and welcoming new ones.

Every reputable job management software should offer beneficial features to help manage your assets, turn quotes into jobs, create work reports, manage stock and more. By investing money into this type of technology, jobs can be completed faster which leads to happier customers. In turn, this improves business for you and leads to higher customer service feedback.

Makes your business more efficient

No business wants to waste time and money, but this might be happening without you even realising it. Paperwork can be a huge money waster and constant communication between your back office and engineers can be time-consuming. Consider switching to an all-in-online integrated software which gets rid of unwanted spreadsheets, calls and customer complaints.

Field management software allows you to schedule the best jobs to engineers meaning that their skills are being utilised to their full potential. Not only does this boost productivity, but it makes your workers feel more confident that they are completing a job which matches their abilities.

Gives you extra time to invest in more profitable ventures

In June 2017, Unit4 found that office workers lost a third of their work time due to admin related tasks. The burden of administration has always been an issue for companies, especially for those who attract new customers by the day and have a lot of data to deal with. Business necessities like invoices, quotes and customer files take up precious time to complete; time which could be spent better elsewhere!

Interestingly, data from the same survey revealed that three-quarters of office workers believed new technology could improve their productivity. With the implementation of job management software, time can be used more resourcefully and be inputted into a project which would benefit other areas of your organisation.

Creates better relationships with employees

In terms of cutting down office stress, service management software is one of the best business tools you can use. You can leave the boring admin tasks for your field management software to take care of, while your business progresses with long-term targets. Your employees will feel more productive by doing the jobs which they were intended to do in the first place. Cutting down unnecessary stress leads to better employee performance, therefore enhanced business results.

Company reputation will strengthen

By using an intelligent job management system to organise your workload and workforce, customers will view your company as being more productive, punctual and overall, more efficient. Take Joblogic as an example. When you use their software, your customers are constantly kept in the loop with the optional use of the Customer Portal feature which provides customers with real-time status updates on jobs and engineer locations. Hundreds of maintenance companies use Joblogic to maintain their workflow and see fantastic results.

Overall, customer-centred business management software might be the fresh-start your company needs to see a long-lasting customer support base.