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FIFA presents ticket design for upcoming 2018 World Cup matches in Russia

Wondering what is new this time in the Fifa World Cup? With football fans going all crazy with the clock ticking backwards for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, here comes the latest update. FIFA unveiled the stadium entry tickets!

What’s new with the ticket design?

Each ticket is designed to capture the imagination of football lovers. Light blue colored with illustrious designs in background, each ticket is personalized for the holder.

It carries all the information that you can possibly imagine. So, you have the match date, kick-off time, as well as the time when the stadium gate opens mentiioned right on the ticket.

Apart from that, you also have the name and location of the stadium, pavilion, level, block, row and even the particular seat with a stadium map is printed on the ticket in both English and Russian.

This is definitely going to help a lot both domestic and international football fans. And each ticket will carry the buyer’s name too.

Want to do more?

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Is that it?

Well, it’s not just the design of the tickets that has gone in for a change here.

But this is not all. FIFA has added upgraded security features on the ticket to counter-act the growing practice of illegal and fake ticket sales. Each ticket carries a unique barcode on the right hand side of the ticket. With RFID system installed at each stadium entrance, it is going to be impossible for the counterfeit ticket holders to catch the match. Not only that there is a hologram right next to the stadium map.

One of the best things about this ticket is that a complete list of prohibited items and all the terms and conditions regarding the stadium entry are printed on the backside. This will leave the fans from spending their valuable time in jogging down the information from different sources.

What should you remember?

FIFA fan ID is a must for stadium entry along with the entry tickets. All the fans should apply for this free ID as soon as they get their tickets. This will entitle them to hassle-free stadium entry but also to several fan targeted services offered by the Russian Federation. They can travel to Russia without lining up for visa, travel in public transports free on the match day and also get to travel to the host cities free of cost.

All the football lovers who are going to witness this year’s world cup should keep in mind that the FIFA will open the stadium gates three hours prior to each match but in the opening and closing match, entry will begin four hours before the match kicks off. So, it will be best for them to get to the stadium with much time in hand to avoid the last minute rush.