How to stay productive on your trip to Stansted Airport

In the business world, there are few factors more important than saving time. Trimming a few seconds off your journey to a meeting, bashing out that quarterly report in record time, managing to cut a meeting short by half-an-hour – these time-saving manoeuvres could mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

But what about those points in time when you’re stuck at the hands of schedulers? How can you keep yourself productive?

The airport is a perfect example of this. With security checks, delayed flights and the lure of the duty-free, is it possible to have a productive day in these flight hubs?

Let’s give it a go in Stansted Airport, one of the busiest airports in the UK.

Used by a wealth of business travellers, we’re sure this airport could provide some excellent examples of productivity-enhancements for your trip.

Park your car pronto

Airport parking in Stansted is great value and available from a vast number of providers. But how can they save you time?

Just imagine the rigmarole required to find a parking space in an airport. For a large building like Stansted, the journey from your car park to the terminal can feel like a Lord of the Rings-style quest.

But with a meet and greet service at your terminal, you’ll be greeted by a valet who’ll whisk your car to a private spot until you return.

How much more productive will it make me? We’d estimate half an hour of your time is saved when you don’t have to muck about with parking fees.

Bag a meeting room

Do you need to hold a meeting before you hop on your flight?

Don’t worry – Stansted’s got you covered.

Numerous hotels situated within the airport perimeter offer meeting rooms at reasonable prices, whether you’re planning to hold an all-day conference or a one-hour pow-wow.

Interested? Then check out the Stansted Hilton, Raddison Blu Hotel and United Business Centres for more information.

How much more productive will it make me? Not having to commute to the airport after a meeting could save you several hours.

Use the free Wi-Fi

Up to four hours of free Wi-Fi can be found across Stansted Airport, offering you the perfect opportunity to check your emails, chat with colleagues on Skype or access your Google Drive.

If you want to use free Wi-Fi and a bite to eat, Stansted offers a great variety of chain cafes and restaurants to choose from. So grab an Americano and a panini and stay nourished before your flight.

How much more productive will it make me? Whether you want to spend the day in a coffee shop or just need an hour to catch up on your emails, having a place to sit away from the hubbub is ideal for any businessperson.