Product packaging redesigns can go very well and very badly. When they go well they can increase sales and improve a customer’s experience of working with you. But when they go badly they can damage the reputation of your business, so it is vital that you get it right. Here are six tips for carrying out a better redesign for your product packaging.

  1. Make a choice: Evolution or revolution

There is a clear distinction between the types of redesign that you can carry out on your product packaging, and the first decision you need to make is which of the two you are opting for. An evolution of your packaging is best if you are just looking to make small changes to improve the overall design and boost sales. This is the type of redesign for most products as you may wish to hold on to much of your identity. A great example of an evolutionary change is the modifications to the Starbucks logo and packaging over time.

The revolution of packaging is harder to pull off and should only be considered if you need to move on completely from an aspect of your branding or change the image of your company. Remember that your customers may have an emotional attachment to the packaging and you can potentially risk losing them if you make major changes – this happened with the Tropicana rebranding and the company had to quickly backup after a huge fall in sales. Of course a revolutionary can have the biggest effect on boosting sales in the long term and can offer far more to your business if you get it right.

  1. Improve the quality of the packaging itself

If you are going through the process of redesigning your packaging from a visual perspective, this can be the perfect time to also think about other aspects such as the quality of the material. This is a prime opportunity to upgrade your packaging as an investment in your business to provide your customers with a premium experience from your product when they buy it.

For example, take a look at the way that packaging specialists The Bag Broker have taken an approach to the packaging they offer – putting money into better quality packaging materials can make a world of difference to the customer experience.

  1. Simplify for success

It can be tempting when changing your packaging to attempt to fit more details and entice in customers with text and graphics. But it can actually often be helpful to redesign in order to reduce the amount of details on the packaging and opt for a more minimalist approach. With good packaging it is often the case that less is more as it allows to emphasise the most important aspects of the products.

  1. Make sure your brand is still recognisable

As with the aforementioned Tropicana redesign, it can be easy to make a mistake with your packaging that can end up costing the company. One of the major mistakes that Tropicana made is that their new packaging simply was too far away from the well-known and loved brand. The logo, typeface, imagery and style had been completely reworked.

Ultimately if you already have a customer base you need to remember that they enjoy the familiarity of your product design and changing it too much can

  1. Be eye-catching

Whether it is by using a bolder colour scheme or doing something that your competitors aren’t doing, it is vital that your redesign should help your product to stand out. Eye-catching products are the ones that customers are drawn to so it can really help your sales. Of course it should also be pointed out that going overboard can put off customers so this could be a case of trial and error to discover the right balance.

  1. Design for longevity

Finally, remember that redesigns aren’t something you want to do on a regular basis. They can be expensive to roll out and if mistakes are made, they can actually damage the business. So think forward when you design to create something long-lasting. The last thing you want is to design packaging that is of the moment, but completely dates your products after a few months on the shelves.


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