8 online tools to help your restaurant website be customer-friendly

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities today. Evaluating profits, paying the employees, and providing hospitality staff training are only small parts of an employer’s duty. The online world has expanded so much lately that old-school promoting tools don’t give out any results anymore. Everything happens online now. People shop for clothes, order food, and search for events online. There is no option to avoid the online world – you are either in it, or your business practically doesn’t exist.

A restaurant requires a customer-friendly website besides good hospitality skills. When clients access your webpage, they should think “I really want to try out this place.” Let them see your foods by posting amazing images, design a special menu to promote them, and use proper restaurant customer service tools.

So here is a list of ways that will attract more clients daily and increase your profits in the long-term. Check them out, and don’t hesitate to leave feedback!

  1. Use a simple design

A simple design will bring in lots of customers. Why? Because customers hate surfing endlessly on any website! Your website’s format must be clear and clean. You must have an easy navigation menu, use the right amount of white space, and be very responsive. In addition to that, good customer service is always a plus.

There are so many good examples of user-friendly website online. For instance, take a look at WordPress or Wix. Simple, elegant, effective.

  1. Speed up the website

When there are too many people on your website at one time, internet speed can get slow. You should avoid that by compressing your website codes. There are some good methods to do that:

  • Download Gzip (or any other similar code compressor online)
  • Get rid of too many HTTPs
  • Speed up your website quickly and easily
  1. Online restaurant training

Since training is a crucial step of any hospitality service, a good option would be to continue to train your employees even after they’re hired. Most successful restaurants put their employees through online hospitality courses constantly, keeping them accountable and aware of the restaurant’s policies.

Identify the skills your staff should improve, and create the perfect program for them. You could create videos that they could watch, or design a simulation every other month to see how well they communicate with the customers.

  1. Use nicely designed headings

When customers surf a restaurant website, they usually scan through the whole page and read the biggest heading that they’ve seen. That is why using nicely designed headings is a great way to attract new clients. You can use them for special offers, special deals, or special foods daily. Use a powerful color that matches your website’s design.

  1. Be mobile-friendly

Not so many people will use their laptops to order food. Pull out your phone and surf the web for the best options. Having a mobile-friendly design is crucial when it comes to food services. You could also design a special app for iPhone or Android if sales increase rapidly! It is easier to access!

  1. How about using a CDN?

A good content delivery network will increase your website’s speed by at least 50%. How? CDN is a tool that stores website data and makes it accessible to everybody. It is a great marketing tool to use when you live in a diverse city. Having foreign visitors from all over the world is great, yet it can make your website really slow to surf. CDN helps with that! See more on that here.

  1. Promote it on social media

Ask people for reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook, or Instagram. Don’t forget to make them post their opinions, and share them. Your restaurant’s hospitality will get to people easier and faster if customers share reviews!

  1. Use local search marketing

Websites such as YELP or Google are a great advantage to you. People will usually look up reviews on those apps, and choose the option that fits their needs the best. These applications are considered local searches, as they require your location for providing the best choices for your customers.

Make sure your web content is written perfectly, and you have no grammar or spelling mistakes. You could use Best Dissertation, Grammarly or any other professional proofreading services to check that. The high-quality content will bring in even more customers.

Wrap Up

Make sure you use marketing tools to expand your business! Stay on top of everybody else by following the last trends and promoting your restaurant properly. Good luck!

Steven Wesley is a creative writer interested in public relations, tech, digital marketing and hospitality issues. Besides, Steve believes in the mighty power of the pen to change the modern world. Meet him on Twitter and Facebook!