Successful business is impossible without proper rest

Everyone very well knows that success in business is impossible without hard work. Financial investments will not be able to save the business the owner of which does not make proper effort. This is, no doubt, very true.

Every goal-oriented businessman will work day and night for the sake of the business’s prosperity. For many such people their business is at the same time their hobby. And thus they believe that they do not need any rest since they have fun at work.

Still, no matter how much you love your occupation, you need to understand that your strength, your physical capacity and your intellectual flexibility, your ability to be creative and effective are all resources. These resources can be classified as renewable, but you need to make sure they are actually renewed. It is very easy to work yourself out to the state of total exhaustion, when you will be able only to dream about an orthopedic pillow, but not having dreams on it. But if you really wish to be a success with whatever you are doing, you need to be a very good strategic planner. And when it comes to strategy it is very important to make sure that you do not get exhausted at work.

Many devoted businessmen believe rest to be a total waste of time. But however interesting and engaging your work may seem, you still face numerous stresses in the course of your daily routine. And thus you need to have good rest in order to remain effective at work.

There are numerous factors which influence our working capacities and our need to renew our resources. Some of them are of physiological nature, while there are those which are driven by psycho-emotional mechanisms. And therefore there are numerous aspects of rest which we need not neglect in order to always stay in good shape and to “last” longer.

Recognizing interdependencies

In many respects, all categories of these factors and aspects are tightly intertwined. Thus it is critically important to address them in their complexity rather than deal with just one or a few of these aspects and factors.

Some businessmen very well understand that they do need good night sleep, and make sure they sleep enough and do it in comfortable conditions. Still, they find it impossible to afford regular vacations. This is a very wrong approach to the problem. Both these aspects are equally and critically important for your productivity and working capacity.

Healthy sleep as a prerequisite of effectiveness

When we sleep at night our brain renews its capacities and prepares for another day of intense work. Definitely, if you are in charge of a business, you need to do a lot of effective thinking, even brainstorming at times. Thus it must be quite clear, that good night sleep is critical for your work. Moreover, you need not only to “get some sleep”, but to sleep regularly, comfortably and in proper conditions. Besides, the majority of specialists strongly insist that by midnight you need to be sound asleep already. This has to do with the emotional aspect of our life. There is a very short (about an hour) period during any given day, when so-called happiness hormone is produced by our bodies. This hormone is called Melatonin and is actually responsible for our biological rhythms, but it ends up influencing our overall state of health. The hormone is critically important, but the peak of its synthesis in our bodies happens to be right around midnight local time. This unique hormone is responsible for our overall satisfaction with life, for our ability to be happy and for our motivation, for our ability to see the goal and to find it worthwhile the effort. Now, the trick is that this hormone is simply not produced unless we are asleep during this short period of time.

To sum up, you need to sleep long enough (the majority of somnologists insist that we need at least eight hours daily), to go to bed no later than eleven P.M., and to be comfortable while sleeping. Consider buying yourself a high-quality orthopedic pillow. The position of your head and neck is critically important for your brain to receive enough oxygen during the sleep. Oxygen is playing the role of fuel for your brain, enabling it to operate properly. Your duvet also is very important for the comfort of your sleep. We receive a lot of oxygen through our skin and thus it is important to make sure your skin has easy access to oxygen. Make sure your room is well ventilated and get yourself the best duvet. It does not have to be luxurious, but it needs to allow air to reach your body while keeping it warm. You also need to make sure that you sleep in silence and no light is interfering with your sleep. These factors can negatively influence the quality of your sleep even though you may be unaware of it.

In case you had to have a short sleep during one night, you may improve the situation by having a nap during the day. Try to arrange it so that in total you still get your eight hours.

The importance of vacations

As we have remarked above, good night’s sleep is very important for your daily effectiveness, but no less important is to have vacations on regular basis. It is a good idea to have a couple of week’s worth of rest at least twice a year. However, taking a vacation does not solely stand for going somewhere or not coming to the office for a certain period of time. Some workaholics do recognize the need of a vacation. But at the same time they believe that they can work and solve the most critical problems from the resort.

Be honest with yourself. To have a vacation, to get some rest does not stand for mere relocation to the beach. Do not try to organize a mini-office by the sea and pretend you are having rest. You need to entirely disregard your work and your duties for the period of your vacation. Take it as a personal challenge to arrange things in a way that your business would be able to work without your participation for a few weeks. See it as a goal worthwhile working hard on. You can caputure the memories of an amazing holiday with a vacation video. Saving on the cost and time of professional vacation video by hiring a professional service.

Another frequent mistake is using your vacation for your family needs. Many people keep on working hard during their vacation. Instead of investing all their energy into their business they redirect it into projects like home repairs and so on. The end of the vacation finds them even more exhausted than they were at the start. Certainly, the interests of the family should by no means be neglected. But going together for a short journey, seeing new places and getting new common impressions is not least important for your family, at the same time it is capable of helping you refresh and obtain inspiration for your further achievements at work.

Choosing a place to go

Thus, when planning your vacation you should necessarily consider a trip to a place, which you would enjoy seeing and which would be useful for your health. Consult your general practitioner for some tips on choosing the right one. During your vacation do enough physical exercises, eat healthy food and forget about anything related to your work. This way you will be able to renew your resources, to get inspiration and, consequently, become even more effective at work.

You will be surprised to find out how much your regular vacations can influence your daily performance at work.

Now, put it all together

In conclusion, we need to once more emphasize the importance of proper rest for the success of your business. And in relation to this it is important to keep in mind both physiological and psychological aspects. At the same time one needs to equally seriously consider both their daily night sleep and their regular vacations. Do not try to fool yourself and leave all your troubles and problems behind when having the rest. See this as a merely technological process. You can’t fool your car by not charging its battery on regular basis. One day you simply won’t be able to start. Now your vacations and your having good night sleep are similar to changing oil and charging your battery in the car respectfully. You can neglect these procedures for a while. But the day will come when you won’t be able to get away with it any longer. Don’t let that day come soon.