5 reasons your business website is failing

Having a business website is a necessity in this day and age. The majority of people are online throughout most of the day thanks to devices like smartphones and tablets that can be carried on the go.

If your website isn’t up to scratch, you may be missing out on business and potentially losing customers to your competitors. So, why is your website failing you?

Not mobile friendly

If your website isn’t mobile friendly by now, you’re certainly missing out on a whole demographic of shoppers. People are using their mobile phones at all times of day. So, if you have someone on their commute to work looking to make a spontaneous purchase, that’s a customer you’ve missed out on. If you’re wondering how to increase website traffic, making your website mobile friendly is a great place to start.

Industry jargon

If your website is full of technical terms and industry jargon, it may be difficult for the average visitor to understand. Remember who your audience is and aim your content at them, rather than trying to demonstrate your knowledge. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website in the hopes of getting information, just to be confused even more. If you think your visitors may be having problems with your content because it’s too technical, you need to go back to square one and change the content to something more suitable.

Content isn’t engaging enough

The whole point of your website content is to interest visitors enough that they come back for more. If your content isn’t interesting or engaging for your audience, they may get bored by it. The content that you provide should be valuable to your visitors and answer common questions about the industry, products or services. For example, a blog is an ideal way to stay connected to your audience by publishing content they’ll want to read. You could even add a comments section to your blog where people can engage in discussion about the subjects written.

Lacks important information

If you’re visiting a website for the first time, you’ll want to know that the business is legit. Often times, it’s the important information that will put people’s minds at rest. For example, an address, contact number and email address. It’s also important to have an FAQs section or page on the website that will answer common questions asked by visitors. It may delivery details, payment options or how to get in touch. If the website is lacking this information, it may end up looking like a dodgy business.

Slow load time

It’s one of the top reasons a person would leave a website. If someone is trying to browse through products but the pages are taking a while to load, it’s likely they’ll get frustrated and move on to another website. Your website must be functioning at top speed to ensure your visitors can browse with ease. Would you stay on a website that took more than a minute to load?

Correct your website and you may find that business increases before you know it.