Common online customer complaints for different industries

It does not matter what industry you operate in, the last thing you want to hear is a complaint from a customer. While it is true that we will all hear mumbles and grumbles from time-to-time, it is also critical to make an effort to reduce the complaints you receive.

One of the ways you can do this is by discovering the common complaints for your industry so you can put in measures to improve your service. So, let’s take a look at the common online customer complaints for different sectors…

Clothing stores – There are a couple of complaints that online clothing websites tend to receive. One of the most common is that the garment they have received does not look as it did on the Internet. Late postal deliveries can be another annoyance for consumers. Companies like Parcel2Go can help you to rectify this. Another common complaints if regarding poor fit, i.e. the item being too big or small, too long or too short, or simply sitting funny on the person’s body. One thing you can do is state the model’s body size and height to help viewers get a better understanding.

Travel websites – If you run a travel company online of any sort, there are a number of different circumstances that can irritate customers. This includes adding something to your cart, only to get to the end of the purchase and find that lots of hidden expenses have been added on. It is better to be upfront about prices, rather than trying to trick the customer into purchasing. A lot of customers also experience frustration with booking portals when their reservation gets cancelled because of a lack of communication between the portal and the hotel itself. There have been numerous customers that have reserved a room somewhere only to find the place doesn’t even exist anymore!

Event ticket vendors – If you run a business that sells tickets for events, you will already know that dealing with the large volume of traffic when tickets are released for sale can be a problem. There are always going to be people that complain when they don’t get a ticket. However, some of these concerns are valid if the process is not fair. You will never please everyone, but there are some ways you can try to make it fairer, such as placing everyone in a waiting room and then choosing people at random to proceed to the checkout process.

Subscription services – Last but not least, we have subscription services, which are becoming more and more popular. However, consumers are left furious when they realise they have signed up to a year’s subscription without prior knowledge. Make terms and conditions visible and you will gain a loyal consumer base and heightened credibility.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding some of the most common online customer complaints for your industry. Use this as a basis to improve your service so you can make sure you don’t get negative feedback building up online, and instead, you wow all of your customers.