5 celebrities that have really gone wild over cryptocurrencies

To most casual observers, the cryptocurrency platform looks terrifying yet very compelling all at once. But, as we speak now, millions earn loads of money from it. To repeat, this is happening at this very moment and it is not a joke at all. A good portion of those people are celebrities and who is better at spreading the best upcoming trends and investment ideas than celebrities.

Of course, you will question yourself why famous, rich celebrities are even bothered to spend their time and money on these digital assets and cryptocurrencies but the answer is quite simple. More money earned in a much simpler way. Take a look at bitcoin websites like Immediate Connect to see what these sites are like.

cryptocurrencies celebrities

Check out who these celebrities are. The choice is all yours as to what bitqt trading platform to go for. Platforms such as Biticodes are also worth checking out.

Mike Tyson

Tyson endorsed the idea of crypto capitalist unlike any other celebrity before him. He partnered with Bitcoin Direct and linked it to his own brand. Actually, he launched his digital wallet in collaboration with Bitcoin where users are able to purchase and sell this cryptocurrency from the branded wallet app. This made him more wealthy than he imagined. Now all he dreams about is ICOs.

Ashton Kutcher

The famous actor invested in BitPay, a platform that helps traders to set up a system where Bitcoin payments are accepted. He believes that cryptocurrency is a sign of the future of profit-making. At the moment he is more involved in ICO investments, in multiple successful companies such as Airbnb, Uber etc. Kutcher claims that cryptocurrency will become the most lucrative way to earn and save money.

Katy Perry

She is one of the bit-crazy celebs who became big cryptocurrency supporters once she got involved. It may sound funny but Perry even painted her own nails with different cryptocurrency logos. She thinks that once influencers and celebrities like herself vocalize their thoughts on these digital currencies, they would have a huge potential to become the best profit discovery ever.

Floyd Mayweather

He is the most commonly used synonym for money-making and the most active cryptocurrency advocate for the past couple of years. The boxer started small but quickly understood the power of cryptocurrencies. That`s why he spread his investment network from Stox ICO – a platform that offers prediction markets, up to blockchain based marketplace – called Hubbi Network, which offers tokens that can be used for online payment. Now he is with Centra which is an ICO that allows cryptocurrency payments with a debit card.

Paris Hilton

This American heiress of the Hilton empire endorsed cryptocurrency in a more subtle manner and invested a little bit of her fortune in several tech platforms and digital marketing. In the beginning, she doubted whether these investments are worth the try but now she simply cannot stop.

Sadly, it`s true that there are concerns with regards to the safety and security of ICOs, due to the many scams so far. Nonetheless, as cryptocurrency futurists claim, those scams will be soon down-sized to zero as cryptocurrency is likely to replace national currencies by 2030.