Outsourcing: Can my business really benefit?

There are a lot of questions to be asked when considering the role outsourcing can play in your business. What can I expect in terms of ROI? Will my brand be safe? Will I still have control of my business?

While the benefits of outsourcing span a whole range of different areas, specialist sales and customer services provider EC Outsourcing discuss a few circumstances where your business could particularly reap the rewards outsourcing has to offer.

You need to step up your sales game

Perhaps one of the main motivators when contemplating outsourcing is the demand for a boost in sales activity. A major benefit of outsourcing is the ability to access and utilise a ready-made sales team. If you’re struggling to meet sales targets, outsourcing can provide experienced sales people with proven track records of obtaining sales, who are trained and ready to represent your brand.

It can be an expensive venture trying to source skilled and experienced sales people. You will need to budget for recruitment agencies, trainers, coaches etc. Outsourcing can open the door to an already established and optimum sales environment.

You have a campaign that involves the need to scale resources up and down quickly

Outsourcing can be a particularly fitting solution if your campaign boundaries and requirements haven’t quite been identified yet. Maybe you don’t know how many agents you need, maybe you aren’t quite sure how long you’ll need staff to work on your campaign. Do you need full or part time staff?

By outsourcing this work, you have the freedom to test your needs before you make commitments to recruiting permanent staff or investing in training departments and materials. Outsourcing companies will provide all of this for you, and often only ask for a 3-month initial commitment period, which could be a safer bet as it can substantially reduce your financial risk.

It’s also worth considering the compliance side of things too. The new GDPR legislation is looming over us (25th May), and hefty fines for non-compliance means that businesses can’t afford to make mistakes. Letting an outsourcer take care of this crucial area means more free time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

You need to reinvent your customer service solutions

Have you had a surge of bad reviews lately? Are your customers not as satisfied as they should be and perhaps becoming disloyal and leaving you for your competitors? Or maybe your customers are a little disengaged and need a push to reengage with your brand and products.

Outsourcing companies specialise in customer reengagement and have heaps of experience in managing customer experience and expectations. As well as utilising specialist skill sets, you are embarking on a ready-made customer service package with, often, years of experience in making customers happy and generating positive company reviews and NPS scores.

While many outsourcers can offer you the whole package, some will have more experience in certain areas (customer service, sales, reactivation) so make sure you’re opting for those who have experience in providing bespoke customer service solutions.

You’ve spent money and allocated resources and not obtained results

Maybe you’ve tried to execute your campaign but failed to see the result you were hoping for. Instead of changing your approach and risking more failed efforts, research some outsourcers who have direct experience in the services you’re looking for, and find out their success rates and results.

The probability is that you will see a much better ROI by using a company that has proven success rates than attempting to undergo further trial and error yourself. Outsourcers are experts and you can be assured that you won’t pull out more money second time round only to fall victim to the same mistakes you made originally.

Your business is rebranding or going in a new direction

Maybe your business is heading in a new direction or gearing up for a rebrand. This can be a crucial time to use the expertise of people who specialise in shaping businesses growth and progression. Look for a partner with experience in a variety of solutions, such as customer service, live chat, social media management etc.

A rebrand is always going to be a risk for any business, and a time in which you brand becomes vulnerable. Make sure you do your research when looking for a partner. Ask about previous campaigns they’ve executed, ask for case studies, implementation processes, operational strategies and scaling abilities. The better outsourcers will offer up this information no questions asked.

Tip: Remember that you have a brand and this needs to be upheld. Make sure you work with your outsourcing partner to ensure your core values and brand image are embedded into your outsourced campaign.

Many of the reputable outsourcers out there will understand how important this is and appreciate that you have certain values and principles to uphold. Don’t be afraid to negotiate this until you’re comfortable with your level of involvement. It’s all about 2-way communication. Trustworthy partners will have client case studies or testimonials on their websites, so this is a good place to start.

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