10 myths about Instagram for business

Instagram is at the top of their game at the moment, and they are always adding new features for the users. These include business profiles and the ability to advertise on that platform. But what makes using Instagram your business a great idea?

And will advertising there increase the traffic on your main website? While some business experts claim that it is the future of marketing, there are others that say Instagram is almost useless for promotion.

The truth is that many myths surround Instagram for business and not everyone sees the potential. One of the most common misbeliefs is about the target audience. The truth is that the social media platform has more than 800 million users of all ages who log into their account on a daily basis. Not to forget that 80% of them follows at least one business profile that post updates regularly.

Numerous brands make a mistake of dismissing Instagram, and they don’t have an active profile there. It is a miscalculation because Instagram’s reach is impressive. The brands who choose to be active on Instagram will see an increase of the interest in their products, especially if they post quality content and interact with the followers. Just like every marketing campaign, business profiles on Instagram do require some planning and imagination.

Using Instagram for business is not complicated and you can do it on your own as well. It is quickly becoming a norm for many businesses regardless of the size to connect with their audience through this social media platform. Of course, being prepared is a must, so it is better to learn more about the myths in order to get them out of the way. The infographic created by the editors of Proessaywriting will explain those misconceptions in detail and teach you the basics of Instagram marketing.

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