What is a brand for a one-person business?

Branding is an important part of every business. In today’s world both online and offline image matters. Several business owners failed to replicate the same offline image on the online platforms. The online portfolio becomes boring with similar brands conveying the same thing. The similar styles and corporate designs often fail to distinguish you from the crowd.

When you are facing the people offline the same to resonate with your personality. They become highly enthusiastic and get excited about the prospect of doing business with you. Your voice may convey the necessary authenticity. For instance, even if you are an online casino, like the Grosvenor casino, you would want to reach out to your audience – and you will need to do it by focusing on the basics.

Tagline and brand

Then you need proper branding strategy to replicate the same impact on the online platform. Otherwise, you will be portraying two different personas unintentionally. It is, of course, difficult translate your original personality into the written word with design and images. So as a businessman you need a tagline that describes your business, you need a brand, even if it is a one-man business.

In one man business, the branding needs to translate your unique personality, complex knowledge and high level of expertise into one perfect and snappy sentence. This will enable you to acquire more clients and more payments from them.

But that is not everything. Your tagline is not your brand. The tagline simply is not enough to do the purpose; branding is rather a compact package that will represent you on online as well as offline platforms. The branding is a message to all your clients and anyone coming across you or your website that what level of result and experience can be expected. Certainly, a tagline with some words cannot do that. But it is of course part of it.

The main purpose of the tagline and the branding will be to create some uniqueness in the sea of similarities. The brand enables you to get noticed, shared and remembered by rising above the generic competition.

Focus on customer engagement

Word of mouth publicity still works, and it can still be the lethal team that can take you ahead of your competition. You need to focus on positive customer engagement so that customers refer you to others. It’s what any start up needs to create and carve an identity of its own that others love.

Again it is important not to get lost in the sea of competitive brands while searching for a unicorn existence. The strategy is to utilize what made you unique and separated from your competitors. Never hide the things that made you, instead of hiding them.

Once you have the understanding that no single phrase, magic words, color schemes, image or name cannot single-handedly boost you and your business you are ready to get real with your brand messaging. The better your brand messaging will become, the more it will able to give you good business.