The hidden art of the A6 envelope

You may not realise it, but your choice of stationary as a business says a lot about what you stand for and gives your customers and clients subtle cues about what to think about you. Granted, it may seem like a small thing, but the effect can be considerable and it makes for an affordable way for businesses to make a subtle but noticeable impact on their customers – both regular and potential.

There are so many options available, for example spend a few minutes browsing your options just for A6 envelopes online, and you will see the variety you have to choose from. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what certain envelopes say about you as a business, and how you can use them to project a desirable image to your customers.

Recycled envelopes

Using a recycled envelope instantly gives your business a degree of subtle credibility with customers, as you have clearly made an active choice to be more environmentally friendly even in your choice of stationary. The environment is an important issue for a lot of people, and many customers will appreciate you making the effort to cut your wastage wherever you can and choosing to be more ecologically friendly however possible. Though subtle, the effect permeates. If your business is seen to be environmentally friendly, customers can also assume that you’re going to care as much about providing them with excellent service as you do the environment.

Kraft envelopes

Produced from chemical pulp, Kraft Paper is a strong and reliable choice as an envelope because it offers increased strength and protection for the documents that are inside. In terms of what is says about you as a business, it tells your customers that you value reliability over all else, when people spend their money they want to do it with a business they can trust. Kraft paper envelopes are used by a variety of industries where strength is the main priority, so if you want to ensure that your documents get safely to their recipients and project a reliable image, they make an ideal choice.

Deluxe envelopes

A deluxe envelope should be your choice if you want to invest a little bit more money projecting a luxurious image to your customers. They will be made out of higher quality materials and will generally be softer and more pleasant to the touch. A deluxe envelope with your personal branding on it suggests you’re successful because you understand excellent customer service.