7 simple ways to achieve brand consistency on social media

Every major brand out there has a strong social media presence, and that is almost always down to one major thing. Consistency.

Without consistency, you can’t expect to climb the upward slog that is social media marketing. It’s a slow process, but with consistency, you can beat the numbers game and create the brand identity your business needs.

#1 Consistent and regular posting

Regularly posting valuable, engaging and interesting content, or letting your audience in on deals and sales is what social media is all about.

You get a direct line of communication with your followers or audience, and you’re able to let them know exactly what you want them to know, all while shaping your message to accurately represent the brand you’re trying to build. That doesn’t work if you hardly remember to post, it has to be consistent.

#2 Timing is important

While it doesn’t matter to the individual looking at your social media page, the timing of when you post updates is important. Different times can offer different engagement results, and certain demographics respond better to posts made at different times. Work out the best times to post, and stick by them.

There are plenty of studies and ideas out there on the best times to post, but the general consensus is that for most social media users, between twelve and three PM in the week is optimal, and at the weekend, ten AM to four PM is ideal. Consistency is key, but first, you have to find the time that works best for your demographic, which can take a little bit of experimentation to get spot on.

#3 Consistent posting frequency

You don’t want to be posting once a month, but you also don’t want to be blasting out content in blocks of seven posts every three hours. No one wants their feed clogged with one brand’s posts, that’s always going to leave people feeling pestered, especially if they’re all pitches. However, post too infrequently and people will forget all about you, or wonder why they liked or followed you in the first place.

Posting three to five times per week is always a good starting place, but that can change depending on feedback and engagement. As a rule, keep it consistent, across the board.

#4 Track and measure engagement

Nothing looks more tragic than a brand addressing its legion of followers, only to get two or three likes. It looks incredibly unprofessional, amateurish and laughable. You want to be tracking, measuring and doing whatever you can to boost engagement and grow your following at all times.

Quality, shareable content is always going to be a great way to grow your audience, as well as being completely engaged and responsive with your followers.

Social media is not about quick growth hacks, it’s about steady, consistent effort, followed by steady growth. However, Instagram users still look for organic growth tools. So they keep looking for tools like Growthoid who claims to be an organic growth tool. Is Growthoid a Scam? Or is it totally safe to use? To figure out you may visit Growthoid and read the reviews.

#5 Consistent message

When it comes to the kinds of things you’re posting, one of the most important elements is making sure you’re conveying a consistent message across all your social media accounts and posts. You want to encourage a certain message for your brand, to the point where it becomes synonymous. That requires consistency.

Interestingly, it’s been found that brands who consistently sell, and regularly pitch their goods or product actually fare better than brands who infrequently pitch their followers. This again is down to consistency. It’s about knowing what to expect from the brands you follow, and them not posting random things that seem out of character.

#6 Consistent tone and voice

If one post is incredibly formal, with perfect grammar and zero slang, and the next is all slang, text speak, acronyms and memes, it’s going to leave your target audience’s heads spinning. It looks unprofessional and is not the way to succeed in your digital marketing.

For your branding, you want to encourage a certain tone and voice. For all purposes, that tone is the voice of your company or brand, so you want to make sure it’s right, and then stick by it for all social media posts and across all accounts. No separate rules for different social media accounts.

#7 Keep it going

The single most important thing when it comes to making sure your social media accounts pay dividends is keeping it going. Consistently maintaining the same, calculated and proven campaign of posts and content is always going to be the only way to see results, especially once you have already seen progress. When it comes to social media, your work is never done, it’s always a work in progress.