Reusing content to benefit your business

Creating unique content takes time and money. It’s a crowded and competitive digital marketplace, so it’s to your advantage to efficiently and successfully reuse your content. Repurpose your content into a downloadable PDF, use it to create a case study or a webinar, share it on as many social media as you can, and use LinkedIn Pulse and SlideShare to repurpose your content for a business audience.

Follow these steps to learn how to reuse content to benefit your business. 

Repurpose into a downloadable PDF

A downloadable PDF is a great way to repurpose content and get your message into the hands of your customers. Once they have your PDF they can share it with others, as well as refer back to it themselves. Just remember to break up the original text into smaller parts, add some of your brand’s visuals, and promote it on your social media accounts. It’s critical that your PDF text is flawless, so take advantage of resources such as Grammar Checker, SimpleGrad, Via Writing, and MyWritingWay.

Create a case study

A great way to reuse a blog post is to take it apart and put it bak together as a case study. Just write up a quick introduction, explain your main ideas, don’t forget to include some hard data, and then wrap it up with your concluding points. Make sure to include some good visuals as well. A case study is a great way to get your message across without actually telling your audience what to think. They simply follow along with your case study and then decide for themselves (though being guided by you). It is extremely important that your visuals are captivating enough to keep your viewers interested in the stats. Make sure you include links to your sources so your information is seen as credible. Be confident in the language you use, and be sure to use writing services such as Academized and UKTopWriters to make your copy perfect.


Webinars are a great way to reuse some content and make a tidy profit while introducing a new audience to your product. These online seminars consist of some free content, with virtual attendees often participating by asking questions. Near the end there is a pitch where a product or service is introduced. Marketers report webinars as one of the top five most effective strategies. Not a bad use of some old content you had kicking around. Your average webinar lasts about 45 minutes and can be facilitated using free programs such as Google Hangouts on Air.

Social media ecosystem

“Take that simple blog post and multiply it into a collection of social media posts, each one reaching new users and potential customers. Ensure you properly resize your photos for platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, post Pins with optimized text, and researched Instagram and Twitter hashtags.” Alex Murray, content manager at EliteAssignmentHelp.

Social media is free and a great way to reach many new users by drawing them in with hashtags. LinkedIn Pulse is another good place to repost content. LinkedIn already has a user base that is geared in to view content from your business and the platform refers up to 64% of traffic from social sites to business sites.


SlideShare is a similar format to PowerPoint or Keynote, but it’s capacity for business to business sharing makes it a powerful tool. SlideShare is used by business executives five times more than any other social network. Use this network to repurpose your PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, or OpenDocument presentations into shareable content. One nice feature is that visitors can save any slide from your presentation.


You’ve already invested time and money into creating some great original content. You can really stretch your dollar by repurposing that content into new opportunities for exposure and new connections. Repurpose your original content into a downloadable PDF, use it’s information to create a case study or webinar, share it on social media, paying special attention to business friendly platforms such as LinkedIn Pulse and SlideShare. There are different repurposing options that will benefit your business in different ways. Some, such as a webinar, can create revenue directly, but most create opportunities for profits down the road from increased exposure and connections. Reuse your content using these methods to benefit your business.

Grace Carter writes for Australian Thesis Writing Service, where she helps students proofread and polish dissertations. She is also an editor at Essayroo (read review), there Grace manages content and writing processes.