Why remote work is becoming increasingly popular

Remote work is the kind of work that enables you to work from wherever you’re at your own preferred time.

Remote work is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst professionals in different fields. More and more people want to become part of a distributed team.

remote workIndividuals of all races, ethnicity, ages, and sexes are shifting to nomadic kind of working like remote work. They are conscious of the benefits of having the freedom to choose a place a place to stay which matches choosing personal preferences, including whether to use this bet365 bonus code, Australia, and needs.

Before thinking of working from home though you need to create all the necessary conditions to make it possible. Here is where internet and connectivity in general play a great role. For example, there are times when we experience poor signal zones in our homes. And no matter who is your provider, EE, O2 or Vodafone, or any other. To combat such situation you need to invest in a device, and once and for all forget you ever had such troubles. For instance, you can get an EE signal booster, or another that will support your carrier, and rest assured, you are always connected in case your boss needs an immediate update on a task or your coworkers are starting the meeting you forgot about.

Most corporations are changing with the current waves in technology and employment. Buffer, Zapier, InVision, Doist, and DuckDuckGo are just a few examples of those that have adopted remote working approaches. These firms openly communicate the advantages of remote working which include enhanced employee engagement, a wider talent pool and heightened productivity. In the coming over 80% of companies are going to adopt this methodology of working in order to cut costs and maximize profitability. For certain, this is going to be a global trend, and many and more people are going to embrace working at the comfort of their couches and bed as opposed to waking up at 5am to prepare for an 8-to-4 job.

Amazingly 99% of people in the white-collar jobs are taking work to their homes. As a result, we can say that working remotely has already crept into their work style. The white-collar industry hasn’t formalized work-from-job jobs, but the reality is that it is happening. Most people are constantly checking and replying work-related emails over the weekends whereas some executing business deals right from their homes. Although white-collar professionals aren’t the kind of gigs that should be considered remote workers at the moment, it is certain that the tendency of working away from office place is going to be on the rise.

Another interesting work from home industry is in digital marketing. Although some people have an office, Andrew Ansley says he prefers to take his Nashville SEO Business calls from the comfort of his home.

Another form of working remotely is seen in the online custom writing industry. More and more young people are shifting to completing assignments for college students. Others write website content, guest posts, blog posts and scripts. All these working opportunities constitute excellent remote jobs that pay enough to cover all the bills and expenses of an average family. In order to access some excellent writing services, you can visit Ozessay and for example ask for some case study help.

The study reports that remote teams tend to have fewer benefits when compared to the ones stationed at the traditional workplace. Nevertheless, remote employee’s benefits from extra and specific communication with their clients and employers, they are more productive and getting to do what they like from where they prefer, implies that are generally happy.

Pros and cons of remote work

Almost everything that we do has its challenges that come alongside the good sides. Let’s begin with the pros:

Pros of remote work

Normally, advantages of remote working can be divided into two categories- the ones that benefit the employer as well as the ones the greatly the quality of life of the employee. Nonetheless, most of the good stuff usually favors both parties and the employer’s, and employee’s satisfaction tends to be pretty close in the long run.

Work-life balance

Completing work assignments from home usually implies that the employee will enjoy more flexibility with the ability to create their own schedule and working routines, and as a result, they have more time to sit at home and enjoy time with friends and family. Igor Avidon says that allowing his employees to work remotely for his SEO company is part of his commitment to helping them maintain a healthy work-life balance. “My team members are happier than ever before in their career because they eliminate the stress associated with a 9-to-5 office job. Instead of wasting 2 hours on traffic daily, they get to see their families for those 2 hours.”

Health benefits

When working from the normal workplace, it is usually hard to maintain a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Very few office workers dedicate their effort to ensure that their fellow employees get a balanced meal throughout the week. It is most cases, any meals are just picked from the nearest restaurant and in most cases, and you’ll find that it is the same meal over and over again.

Working from the comfort of your home encourages people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can always cook what you want from your kitchen while at the same time having sufficient time for a workout and other physical and mental health exercises. In addition, you are less likely to experience burnout and stress since you can break whenever you feel that you can’t keep up anymore.

But it’s also important to not fall into bad habits. When you work from home, you may be tempted to drink alcohol at night, knowing you are able to sleep in for a few hours more the following morning. This can be particularly hazardous, because if you drink continuously night after night, you may develop an addiction requiring a medicated detox.

No commuting

Very few people enjoy commuting from their homes daily. Even those who have to commute for 10 minutes, truly detests waking up in the morning and preparing to attend work. For the employees who are forced to spend one or two hours stuck in traffic jams, it is really tiring and boring. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that most organizations do not include commute hours as part of working time.

Remote workers do not need to commune and do not need to worry about being late to work. The hours spend on the road can be channeled to improving oneself. It is good for the family, environment and the company.

Increased work pool

For employers, their options are very limited when they have to hire workers from a specific location and then relocate them again. It is expensive and inconvenient. With the remote working approach, they literally have the opportunity to choose employees from any part of the globe.

Engagement and loyalty

Remote working creates a great deal of trust. This translates to more confidence in what you’re doing and your team. When confidence is coupled with the personal investment, it creates more loyalty between the employer and the employee.

Cons of remote work

Despite the many advantages that working remotely has, it also has some few disadvantages as outlined below:

Lack of face-to-face communication makes it difficult to understand if someone is lying or telling the truth. An individual’s facial expression, general feel and body language can help tell if they are truthful. All the aspects are not found in remote communication.

Other disadvantages include:

  • Difficulty in maintaining self-disciplined.
  • Increased number of distractions from family and electronic devices.
  • You cannot be extremely organized since there is no clear-cut boundary between working and personal time.
  • It is not easy to track your productive time.

Why do you love remote work?

“I love remote working since it gives me total freedom with life. I sleep, work, eat and relax whenever I want. It enables me to earn enough money to pay my bills and save for my graduate studies.”

Jersey Matano, remote worker for 5 years

“I was hired in 2016 by The Innoleg Group to help the company’s design team with product writing. I only work a week thrice and spend the rest of the time with my life and writing play scripts.”

Solomon Keach, designer at The Innoleg Group

Finally, working remotely can be risky – particularly if you’re doing it in some café or airport and using the public WiFi. These unprotected networks are a hunting ground for hackers, who can listen in on your traffic and create all kinds of problems. That’s why it is recommended to use a VPN for remote work: the best VPN services will encrypt your data and save your from potential hazards