6 tips for your office look

No matter if we like it or not, our appearance in the modern workplace is very important. Companies take care of how they look in the public eye and how their employees look in the office. The problem with how you look in an office is that a bad presentation leads to people thinking less of you and your performance, even though these two have nothing to do with each other.

Work is work, and we have to make certain sacrifices in order to get ahead and make progress in our careers. This means having everything on your side and believe it or not, sometimes little things like changing your look at the office could be the difference between getting a promotion or not.

Today, when a lot of offices allow a casual dress code, it can be difficult to understand where your boundaries lie. This is why we decided to talk to dozens of successful people working in office environments and asked them about their look at work.

1. Learn your company’s dress code

Before doing anything, you need to know what the rules are. Every company has different dress code policies and you need to make sure that you don’t break them. If you do, this could be a clear sign that you are not taking the whole job seriously because, let’s face it, which serious professional wouldn’t be able to adjust his/her appearance if this is the only thing standing between them and getting ahead in their careers?

2. Wear a mild cologne or perfume

Naturally, you don’t want to smell bad at work and give off the impression that you are not taking care of your personal hygiene. But on the other hand, you also don’t want to have a strong smell that everyone can notice.

At your workplace, there might be a lot of people, and all of them react differently to certain smells. Maybe you like it, but your coworkers don’t. Ultimately it’s a matter of being a professional adult, if everyone starts wearing strong perfumes or colognes, and then nobody would be able to breathe.

3. Men shouldn’t have overwhelming beards

Although beards are now widely accepted at offices, you simply cannot go crazy and look like a caveman. You need to look professional, like you are taking care of your beard, not just letting it grow independently of you. It might come as a surprise, but some employers still frown upon bearded employees, especially white collar companies. It is so, that men should ask themselves, is going to a job interview with a beard a gamble? And the answer in some cases is, sadly, yes.

If you’re already employed and there is an acceptance of beards in your company, you definitely should care for your beard. Trim your beard on a regular basis and make sure it looks tidy. This is how you will make it look professional. Additionally, make sure to wash your beard regularly with beard shampoo and use beard oil to manage it. Beard oil can make your beard look shiny and soft, giving you a few extra points. If we may suggest, try HiLee’s beard oil.

4. Women shouldn’t be too sexy

Although office women are sexy and they do need to look good even while they work, you need to draw the line. Going overboard will turn you into a distraction, which is something your superiors will not like. On the other hand, people might get the wrong impression.

Make sure that your hemline is not too short, heels not too tall, and no exposing under-garments, etc. Women are already oversexualized in the office, so do what you can on your part to avoid uncomfortable situations.

5. Make sure your shoes are clean

Believe it or not, many people first notice what kind of shoes someone is wearing. No matter what kind of shoes you are wearing, keep them clean and polished. You might look casual with your clothes and this is alright, but if your shoes aren’t clean, somehow people might think less of you.

6. Pay attention to colors

A lot of people suggest that wearing stronger, darker colors in the workplace can help you make a better impression. Simply put, these colors make you look more serious and people will have more respect for you because of them. Make sure that you combine colors appropriately. Don’t go with flashy clothes or neon colors no matter if you are man or woman; these screaming colors will attract attention and distract people.

So, follow up on these tips and your overall appearance will be acceptable for your office. Remember that offices need to be practical and you need to be productive and non-distracting. With this in mind, you will always be able to dress appropriately while looking good.