Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform that hosts sellers and buyers and many people who have wanted to start a business online have opted for Amazon for a good reason.

start a business on Amazon

With more than 300 million active customers and a search engine based on the amazon a9 search infrastructure, the site is the most powerful platform for selling products if you are starting a business. To start a business on Amazon and list your products means you will be targeting online shoppers in general, not just those who are registered on the site.

To help you see how much you can advance your business by selling on Amazon, here are benefits you should know about:

Done-for-you SEO

Amazon is like the Wikipedia of online shopping. A simple search for the keyword “sports shoes” will list Amazon as one of the top sites, and while it’s necessary to give your products descriptions that are good for SEO, Amazon is highly optimized and will give your products an SEO advantage. With your own site, you might have to invest a lot in marketing and SEO.

Strong brand trust

Unlike when buying on other sites that are not reputable, buyers on Amazon have more confidence because of the reputation the e-commerce giant has earned over the years. Shoppers will trust anything they are buying on Amazon and this is partly because the site has positioned itself as a one-stop online shop. It has built a credibility score that will make it easier for customers to buy your products without raising doubts. This means you will put in less work in getting your brand trusted because you are basically already trusted and part of the positive reputation Amazon enjoys.

Unsolicited referrals

The Amazon algorithm allows customers to view recommendations of products while on the site, and yours could be among the products that are listed, which means you will not put in a lot of effort trying to get buyers. Additionally, Amazon has a huge list of affiliates who could help to make your products more visible and lead people to buy from you.

International expansion

Amazon is available in different markets and this makes it possible to also expand your business to those markets. It is available in America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. This broad market coverage is an advantage if you want to scale your business over time to start shipping to other markets. You will not have to work on local payments and logistics because all this is taken care of by Amazon.

Lower marketing costs

Millions of people are attracted to Amazon for buying the products they need, so you can list your products to be shown to these visitors. If your niche is not crowded, you will reap even more from the platform without investing any effort. However, you can also invest some little amount in the Amazon sponsored products program to make your products more visible.

With Amazon attracting millions of buyers every day, listing your products on the e-commerce giant could be the breakthrough you need to take your business to the next level. You will not need any technical processes or to set up a site because all this is done for you. It is the easiest way to sell online because you have access to the biggest customer base.