Business advice – simple yet effective ways of going green

After analysing how industries are currently affecting the environment, and concluding that your company has its own negative role in this department as well, deciding to make a change in the way you are currently running things might be necessary.

Going green is a power move that will not only give you peace of mind knowing your business follows proper eco-friendly standards but it may also impact the image of your brand in a great way. Consumers are now more than ever attentive towards these factors, so announcing publicly that your company has gone green will naturally help you in growing in your industry and becoming more successful.

But what can you do exactly to give this characteristic to your enterprise? Well, you can start with these simple yet effective steps:

Implement a new “light” policy

Reducing the energy consumption of your business premises should be one of the first things you do, and what better way to achieve an improvement in this department than by implementing a stricter “light policy” What does that mean? Well, you can start by discussing with your employees and reaching an agreement where everyone needs to turn the lights off whenever they are leaving a certain area. If this causes an inconvenience, another possibility would be to install motion sensors, which turn the lights on only when someone enters a room, reducing the usage of light when it’s not needed. The replacement of traditional light bulbs with energy efficient ones – Energy Star rated options – is also something that any company could do, regardless of profile. A reduction in energy consumption will be visible, which can also lead to a utility bill cost lowering, detail that is always welcomed.

Take your recycling seriously – upgrade your waste disposal machines

Recycling is an essential part of going green, whether you are working in an industry where you are legally obligated to pay enough attention to the matter, or things are more flexible. To ensure the effectiveness of your recycling efforts, the key is to own completely functional waste disposal machines and to handle each step of the recycling process by the book. Regardless if you have been using balers or compactors until now for the proper waste management of your company’s processes, perhaps you should revise the condition of these machines, and make sure they are offering you the recycling support you demand. After understanding the importance of maintaining your baler or compactor in a top-notch condition, you should seek a partner that can help you in this debarment. With your machineries in check, your waste disposal and recycling processes can be perfected, your efforts minimized, and actions in this department will maintain an appealing level of environmental-friendliness. If your company doesn’t even own these types of machines, then this is a purchase that should be made asap.

Office supplies

Disposable pens that are thrown away on a regular basis, wasted stationary cupboard, unreasonable paper misuse – offices are dealing with wastages that could be easily resolved, not realizing the impact they are having on the environment. If this is the case of your business, and office supplies management is not exactly on point, this is another thing that you should solve when going green. A simple revision in this department is all it takes to see where you are not pursuing green actions. Also, if possible, you can always promote a paperless workflow. By relying on digital alternatives, cut down on paper usage whenever you can. Nowadays, you have the possibility to even sign documents in a digital manner, so if you want, a reduction in paper consumption could be a plausible option.

Equipment power down

Whether it’s a photocopy machine, a computer or any other device that uses power, promote among your enterprise an equipment power down. Turning off and even unplugging anything that is not being used is a simple way of cutting down on how much energy your enterprise is using, and thus becoming a bit more environmental friendly. While requiring no effort, just a minim of attention, this step can be more powerful than you imagine. If you check a few statistics, and find out what experts have to say on the topic, you will be surprised to discover just how much energy is being wasted by simply leaving unused devices turned on. This is a problem among households as well, but companies are the ones that produce most energy wastage.

Eco-friendly equipment

While in the past, energy efficiency was not exactly something manufacturers had in might when designing certain pieces of equipment, things have changed in the modern age. Upgrading your company’s equipment with eco-friendly alternatives is a great decision to make when you are greening your enterprise. Although this might require an investment from your part, environmental activists advise all companies to pursue such a change. Make sure however, to send your outdated devices out for recycling by collaborating with the right firm.

Spread your principles in-house and outhouse

It’s essential for you to actually communicate your decision of going green properly within your company. Make sure everyone is on board with your vision and principles, in order for each department of your enterprise to support your environmental-friendly journey. Also, to actually set an example for your competitors and for your clients or business partners as well, find ways in which you can promote your green choices outhouse and not only in-house.

When your business is running reasonably good, you might wonder why going green is a necessity. Well, having in mind the impact that your company might have on the environment, the first consideration you should have is strictly environment protection, but if you need further determination on the matter, going green can also have a positive marketing impact. When your clients/customers notice your involvement, they will naturally be more prone to choosing your business over your less eco-friendly competitors, regardless of domain, so positive outcomes will not take long to show. The means stated above are great for easily transforming your enterprise in one that can be characterized as eco-friendly.