Top reasons to get a CCTV system

If you have a home or a business premises this year which you want to protect, one of the things you can look to do is install a security system on the outside of the building.

Typically, an exterior security system consists of CCTV cameras, which help to record things happening around the area and will alert you to robbers. Here are some of the top reasons why you should definitely invest in a CCTV camera system this year.

should you invest in a CCTV systemCrime

The main use of CCTV systems is to monitor and protect the building in case of a crime being committed. A lot of the time if someone is thinking of robbing your home or business building they will look for cameras and it will often deter them from trying to commit an act. If they do come into your building and try to steal from you, you will have the evidence there in front of you which you can use when in contact with the police. This means that even if you are unlucky enough to be robbed, you will still be able to prosecute and catch the robber.

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Prevent employee’s bad behaviour

When you have an office building you may want to install cameras inside the building to monitor not only any robbers but your employees. It will allow you to see whether or not your workers and being well behaved and make sure that they aren’t standing around and talking all day. Another more sinister thing you will want to watch out for is whether your employees are stealing from you or doing things inappropriately.


There will come times in your home or in your workplace that an incident will occur, and there will be no clear answer to who is the blame for the incident. A camera can be an incredibly helpful tool here because you can go back in time and confirm what actually happened and you can see who is responsible for the issue you are facing in the workplace. This means that you aren’t spending the day wasting your time to find out what occurred, you can simply look on the camera and you will see it.

Help for the police

If a crime is committed either on your premises or on a premises nearby to you, you will be able it hand over your CCTV footage to the police and this may help them with their investigation. It could be that your camera manages to catch an image of the persons face before they enter either yours or your neighbors building to rob it.

Watch your kids and the elderly

If you have young children at home or you have elderly relatives with you at your home, you can use a camera to monitor what they get up to when you leave. It will ensure that they stay safe, that they are behaving and that nothing strange happens while you are out of the house.

Watch your pets

If you leave your pet at home while you go to work during the day you can set up a few cameras in the home to watch your dog and make sure that they are behaving themselves throughout the day. You can also make sure that they have enough food and water, and that they are totally safe in your home while you are away.

Protect your staff

There will always be times in life where a client or customer becomes aggressive towards your workers. However, to prevent them being able to do anything violent towards your staff member you can have cameras set up in every room. This will offer your staff a little bit of comfort to know that they are safe in your workplace and that no one will be able to hurt them. Even if something does happen, it will be on record and the person responsible will be punished for what they have done. It is a good way to keep your workers happy and safe during the working week.

Supports good conduct

The simple fact of having CCTV cameras in your workplace will prevent your employees or clients from stealing anything from you or doing something they shouldn’t during working hours. It can support good conduct in the workplace and will keep your workers happy, working productively and benefiting the success of your business right from the start. It will allow managers and supervisors to keep an eye on their team and ensure that they are working to the right standard.

High accident zones

When you first install your CCTV camera system you may notice that many accidents are happening in one particular place, but not in others. You can take a look at the area after looking at the footage and either make the necessary changes yourself or contact the council in your local area to see if there is anything they can do to make the area safe. This will ensure that your workplace and the area around it is safe for people to pass through, and can be a great benefit to not only you but your local community as well.

Customer safety

When a customer or client enters your building they may check for cameras in the vicinity in order to feel safe and secure in your space. This can allow them, to ship with you or do business with you safe in the knowledge that if anything ever happened, there are cameras to provide evidence. I’m more extreme circumstances, someone who is on the run or being chased may come to your building because it makes them feel safe and makes them feel that they cannot be followed or hurt by anyone else.

Security cameras can provide a whole world of benefits to your home or your business, and they can be the one piece of evidence you have if anything ever goes wrong in your space. If you are going to invest in anything this year, invest in a CCTV system for your space.