How SMS can help sales lead management

Nurturing leads is vital for businesses looking to generate revenue.

Having multiple points of contact and means to reach a customer is an important part of your sales lead management. It allows you to ensure you maintain contact with a lead and don’t overlook or ignore any potentially lucrative opportunities.

sales lead management

Lead management software providers such as FLG will provide systems which can help businesses to manage their leads across multiple channels and organise their sales processes accordingly. In a world where so much communication and engagement are done via emailing and messaging, SMS has a huge role to play in effective sales lead management.

Information gathering

If your business generates a lot of leads you need to be certain that you are prioritising the most suitable and lucrative enquiries first.

Utilising automated messaging to gather more information from a potential lead can be hugely beneficial to lead scoring and prioritisation. This allows you to quickly get an idea of the budget, timescale and other key information necessary for moving a lead through your sales process. Using automated processes to do this frees up more time for your sales agents to focus on other leads before using the information gathered via SMS to direct them to the next important enquiry.

Automating some of your lead management can streamline information gathering and ensure that you guarantee that important information is collected on every enquiry as the information gathering is part of an automatic and predefined process.

Instant communication

SMS allows you to put quick snapshots of information, or questions directly to a lead without having to send emails or make a phone call.

Essentially, you’re putting information directly into someone’s hand, perfect if you’re dealing with leads who are increasingly busy or time-poor.

Fast, one-to-one communication often doesn’t need a meeting or lengthy phone call. This makes gathering information and liaising with a customer much simpler, speedier and convenient.

SMS also allows you to draw attention to key messaging and marketing that you might be sending out via email or mail. For example, you can check if a client has received a key piece of marketing or documentation. Using SMS to do this means you have a quick and easy way of ensuring your sales process is on track while reiterating to a customer that you are focused on providing them with a positive experience. You can use a bulk SMS platform like MessageMedia to get started with your SMS marketing.

The right impression on customers

Lead management allows you to make a good impression on customers by showing that you are listening to their needs and finding the right solutions for them.

Responses from SMS messages can be useful when working out a picture of a customer’s requirements and which of your business services they should be interested in or steered towards.

Using the responses as discussion points and helping to guide conversations with an agent can help present your business as one that is engaged and paying attention to your potential customers.

The direct and immediate contact that SMS provides is fantastic for showing businesses that you are engaged with them and really helps to support your other marketing and lead nurturing activities.

SMS should be a method of staying in touch with a potential customer that you don’t overlook. Employing it effectively allows you to maintain contact and gather information, build a clear idea of what a client needs, carry out lead scoring and prioritisation and direct customers to important information in a fast and efficient way.