6 ways that you can protect your business from personal injury claims

Every business owner’s nightmare is to receive a claim coming from a plaintiff who has sought the advice of a personal injury solicitor.

Making sure your business is as safe as it can be for both staff and customers should be one of your top priories. Personal injury claims can be very expensive, and you will want to avoid them as much as possible.

personal injury lawIn this article, we are going to look at 6 different ways that you can protect your business from personal injury claims.

Specialised law firms

One of the best ways to protect yourself from personal injury claims would be to contact a law firm that specialises in these types of claims, in order to learn more about how to avoid getting caught up in one.  You’d be surprised at how easy it may be to find this, for example people looking for personal injury lawyers in Plymouth, will easily come across Roper James, who specialise in personal injury claims, specifically, industrial deafness.

The type of injury that is sustained is really important when it comes to finding the appropriate firm, especially if the injury comes under a very small niche. The example of industrial deafness is perfect for this, since it will only really occur in certain types of jobs and is harder to prove than other more obvious injuries. The Roper James solicitors from Plymouth are therefore the best to deal provide you with detailed information on these types of cases, and how to avoid them. Make sure you consider what type of working environment you provide to your employees, and evaluate which risks are possible before you contact a personal injury lawyer.

Prevent accidents from happening

Our first tip sounds a bit obvious, but it is very important that you do everything in your power to prevent accidents from happening. This includes things like mopping up spills right away, adding wet floor cones as well as repairing any damage as soon as possible. Taking action right away when you see something that is wrong can do a lot for your business and decrease the likelihood of accidents happening.

Be organised

Organising your workplace is very important in helping to prevent accidents occurring. If you have a disorganised, cluttered space, then people are more likely to trip up or have another sort of more serious accident depending on what the clutter is. Take some time to empty the boxes that you have lying about and make your space tidy. This will not only be good for your business organisation and the image that it presents but it will contribute the reducing the number of personal injury claims that you receive.

Make sure you have general liability insurance

General liability insurance is a very important thing for every single business to have. If you do not already have this type of insurance, then you need to really consider getting it. Having general liability insurance will help you a lot when it comes to protecting yourself against any sort of personal injury claims. This type of insurance often comes with your property insurance so make sure to check out the details of that to see if you are covered.

Train your employees

Training your employees on how to do their job is probably something that you did right away. But did you train them on health and safety matters? Even if you did, it is important that you keep your staff’s training up to date and ensure that they know everything that they need to. As your business progresses, your health and safety priorities might change, and it is important that your staff know how to deal with a certain situation. Train them well and you’ll be able to enjoy fewer personal injury claims.

Handle accidents properly

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and you can’t always prevent them. For the accidents that you can’t prevent, you should make sure that you handle them in the best way possible. Having an accident book is very important in ensuring that all accidents are recorded and handled in the best way that they can be. Although logging the accident is important, you first need to call for some sort of emergency help. This obviously depends on the severity of the accident, but it is standard for most accidents that emergency help is called. It is then after this that you should write down the details of the incident including the name and contact details of the person involved.

After this, you should contact your own lawyer and find out what you should expect from this particular accident. Doing this will prepare you for any sudden personal injury claims that might come through and you’ll be able to get advice on how to prevent such an accident happening in the future.


Although handling the accident in the right way is important, the most important part of protecting your business from personal injury claims is to be proactive. Get anything fixed that needs to and check your property often to ensure that you’ve not missed anything. If you follow these steps you can help to prevent any claims coming through.