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New TowerBelt – brand and incidental low-cost consumer goods

TowerBelt is a laser marker designed for engraving consumer and low-priced products such as, for example, electrical components like connectors, switches, and electric outlets.

Laser marking using a double system can increase productivity, but to take some time away from the factory floor is just as important. Which is why TowerBelt is useful for businesses.


TowerBelt is an innovative marker fitted with a double system: a conveyor belt with fixed stops for engraving articles automatically and a table that can be placed in the marking compartment for working in the traditional way.

Its main characteristics are:

    • Two operating modes: it can mark either statically or automatically
    • Two automatic marking modes: “marking on step” and “marking on fly”
    • Sensors system for identifying the details and marking them automatically

Automatic mode: the innovation that increases productivity

There are two marking modes for using the conveyor automatically: the first one is called “Marking On Fly” (MOF), in which the belt runs without stopping and the details are marked “on the fly”, while the second is called “Marking On Step” (MOS), and consists of stopping the conveyor belt every time an article is in the marking position.

As soon as they are marked, the parts are unloaded directly into a basket located at the end of the conveyor.

Sensors system for recognising and centring the article

The conveyor has fixed stops, which the operator uses for placing the articles properly.
Immediately before the marking compartment there are two sensors that “read” the actual presence of the article and send the information to the system, which, knowing the on-centre between the stops and the speed of transport of the conveyor, is able to engrave on fly in a very accurate and centred way even without the aid of an article recognition system.

Manual mode: traditional laser engraving

TowerBelt has a superimposable worktop so as to be able to engrave items other than those suited for automatic marking. The top is in hard anodized aluminium with drilling at a pitch of ø8H7/M6 and is readied for the application of templates of various sizes.

In manual mode the machine has the same functions as a TowerMark marker: axis Z, with a stroke of 450 mm, is ideal for marking high items and is complete programmable by means of LASIT’s tested FlyCad system.

The dimensions of the marking area vary according to the focal distance of the lens installed: depending on the requirements, marking areas with a diameter of ø140mm or ø220mm can be obtained. There is an option to add an X-axis with a stroke of 500 mm, which enables marking of pallets of several items, considerably increasing productivity.